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Title: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on January 20, 2014, 22:28:55 PM
Fan G 20-01-14. Light

No Wind and Low claggy cloud with the threat of rain at  T.o height AM, but cleared well about 12:30 for some enjoyable winter flying ;D

Joined by Idris , Leon and later Viv.

 Due to the Cold I enjoyed 4 short flights of about 15mins each.Brrrrrrrrrrr!! Top Landing easy even though the wind was on the light side at times.. Max height 250ft ato but you could push well out.

The air was smooth  and on my last flight at 3:30pm with only 200ft ato I managed a lifty glide all the way down to the fan G bottom gate with 100ft to spare ;D Passing over the main road lay-by/landing field I was still 2000ft asl so carried on :)    Packed up to meet Viv and the boys at the gate, then off to the Ancient Briton for a pint of Blorenge Ale ;D

Thanks for a lift out Idris and a lift home Viv.....1 Hr

Nice to catch up with people.. VIVA 2014!!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on February 21, 2014, 11:53:20 AM
19/02/14 Ronda La Vieja

Weather is starting to improve out here in Spain, after a few wet/windy weeks(not as wet and windy as yours;)

Been busy out here with airport runs, driving and helping with Cp/Ep's. This week the Pilot Plus group( Low airtime CP's) have had a much better week flying most days at various sites.

A good day was had Wednesday on the soaring site of Ronda,with thermic conditions I managed to stay up for 2 hours pushing out upwind  to play about at cloudbase which was a good 2000ft ato.

The Cp+ group doing really well and gaining a lot of experience over the week..

Nice to get the Wing out in the Sun 8)

  20/02/14 El Bosque
Dropped a short soaring flight at this Nice tree lined Westerly hill. Cloudbase was low 600ft above hill, but it was nice to grab a quick flight in with the Vultures :) Rain was threatening so a nice glide down,box around the field and a spot landing on the inner target :)

It's all flying!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Gron Jones on February 21, 2014, 12:44:51 PM
Great stuff, Stu!  Don't bother coming home just yet!  Keep writing!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Barry Abbott on February 24, 2014, 01:19:09 AM
Nice one mate
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 03, 2014, 09:14:41 AM
26/02/14 Puerto Serrano.. Paramotor

Had a nice sunset flight from a big field nr Puerto Serrano. The field is going to be used as an EP level tow field and for Paramotoring. Borrowed an ozone Element2 and a Parajet Zenith(nice machine) for a quick upwind adventure.

After some heavy rain over last few weeks the rolling hills of Andalucia are very green at moment with crops of wheat showing through, it seems nearly every field is being used.

Followed a river for a while and the scenery was great looking around at the scattered White villages "Peublos Blancos

The weather is Improving so hoping for some thermalling and hopefully some XC expeirience in my spare time.

Added a picture I took at Sunset.                                                                           
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Phil Thomas on March 03, 2014, 13:14:31 PM
Great Stu.  Nice to hear of someone getting it up.   :wink:
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 05, 2014, 09:47:13 AM
04/03/14 El Bosque    Mentor3

A full day with the guided group. Cloudbase was only 1500ft ato but it was easy to stay up and play about. Some of the group got in nearly 5hrs. It was a bit cold with thin gloves so landed in bottom landing field after 2hrs10 flying for a trip to the local Bar "Los Nogales" for Tapas and Coffee.

It was back up to take off around 5pm for another 50min flight to watch the sun going down behind the lake :)

There is the possibility of flying down in front of ridges and around the corner to Algodonales which is only 20km or so away, but with light fading and lowish cloudbase we were all happy to boat around above El Bosque and get some airtime.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 10, 2014, 08:52:51 AM
05/03/14    El Bosque   Mentor3

Got a chance to test the air before the group launched. The wind was way off launch to the North but on pushing out using into wind facing slopes I pushed up and out for a nice 25mins boat about over the town.

After landing the Sun came out and I watched the group doing well, some pushing well out some 6k from the hill and most getting back to TO.

06/03/14 Algo Lijar West     Mentor3

Everyone flew the SE in the morning but I had the job of taking the Van down the 50 min windy track to the landing. It was blue skies and balmy hot.Take off was packed with visiting pilots from Europe.

On arriving at the Landing field most had bombed out and the day wasn't working. In the afternoon I got a chance of a flight on the West launch. With the Sun on the slope it was sending some gnarly thermals up and the wind at height was from an ENE direction.

As I gained height in a thermal above launch it smoothed out at 1900ft ato and was quite enjoyable. 8) The views opening up looking at the lake behind and the green hillocks to the West as far as the eye can see..beautiful..

As I lost height I head off on the 3k glide to the Bull ring landing field.With a stongish headwind using bar most the way getting there with 100ft to spare. Could see gliders below landing out short in various locations. Talk on the ground was the air was rough as?

Pepe was in the landing field with his mobile bar :) :)  Result.

We all wathced a tandem coming in downwind(What) and people shouting didn't help in changing his course. They glided straight out the downwind end of the landing field and ended up fast and truly Tree'd up for a long time!! Both were ok.

7/03/14   Lijar SE     Mentor3

It was windy for most of the day but at 5:30pm we could see enough gliders launching for a trip up the mountain. A nice smooth scratchy sunset flight was had, tucking in close with a handful of gliders boating around at TO height.

Busy in the landing field,with Pepe's mobile bar it was beers at Sundown 8) 20mins

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 12, 2014, 21:37:43 PM
 12/03/14 Lijar SE  Mentor3

Sunshine again but strong winds for most the day.Wave clouds over the high mountain range(Grazelema)

Very busy on  launch parawaiting but the wind dropped around 5pm for some flying.Pushing out and around the corner soaring the East face(wind off on launch) got a bit boring with 40+ pilots scratching the small rocky faces,pilots needed some airtime after a few days of strong winds ::)

Not classic Algo but flying till dark with beers on landing;) Very busy in town. Reckon there is about 200 pilots in Algo at the moment!

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Phil Thomas on March 15, 2014, 05:43:40 AM
Blimey you don't half go on......  :wink:
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 17, 2014, 09:12:56 AM
16/03/04  Ronda la Vieja   Mentor3

Done an airport run in the morning and decided to try and get a lift up to the Westerly take off in the afternoon.This proved to be a struggle with everyone out on the hill :?

Winds were light as gliders were maintaning height on the SE side and gliders starting to TO on Westerly as the
afternoon went on.

Managed to catch a lift with someone heading for Ronda.2 gliders were flying when we arrived, wind on light side. Managed a few short flights top landing then head off on a nice glide down the valley onto an into wind slope that was working.

Could stay up here easy so played around for a while before gliding down to the main road as the sun was setting for an easy retrieve!!

Got a few days off this week so hoping for some decent flying off the mountain in algo, if I can get up the hill;)

1hr 10
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 18, 2014, 08:37:06 AM
17/03/14    Lijar SE     Mentor3

One Space going on the bus so up to a busy take off,people waiting for conditions to come on. One solo glider flying and staying up so off I go in a cycle.Looked like it was going to be a TTB as I found nothing as I glided over to the East getting very low.

Found the thermal on the corner and was soon turning and circling above the ridge maxing out at 5900ft asl. 2600ft ato. It was a blue sky day and a bit rough above the hill as the wind was changing through a SE to SW.

Only one local hotshot got away downwind so I decided to join a few pilots pushing out towards the twin peaks out front but never found a convincing climb so opted for the landing field. Lower down the air was really rough and it was nice to be down just in time to meet the van.

Flying stopped for a while as a helicopter was landing on top (Accident)

The wind had gone round with the Sun West so off to Ronda la Vieja for a quick afternoon boat about with the group 8)

1hr 20mins
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 20, 2014, 09:57:00 AM
18/03/14  Ronda la Vieja   Mentor3

A nice day at Ronda, blue skies and some thermals kicking off out front. The group were happy soaring the ridge but I decided to see how far I could push upwind,trying to do a nice triangle back to the hill,found some nice smooth thermals to keep me up for 1hr before getting to low and aiming for a field next to the only country bar for Miles 'Los Villalones'!! Result..

Sat watching the guys flying for a couple hrs over Tapas and coffee then a lift back up for a nice 30mins Sunset soaring..

19/03/14   Matalascanas SW  Mentor3

Cloudy inland so an unexpected trip to the coast. Matalascanas is a lovely coastal dune site with a 20km ridge to Mazogon. The wind was a bit off to South and on the light side so it was never going to be a 40km ridge run.

Managed to get out 10km and back to take off stopping to play at the into wind high bits and speeding down the low cliffs which are only some 15ft high. The wind had dropped off and only a couple of us made it back,2 of the lads dropped out at 11km down the ridge for a long walk to a main road.

What a beautiful and unspoilt coastline. Hope to fly the full length sometime when the wind is more favourable!  1hr 50min

[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 22, 2014, 15:55:20 PM
20/03/14 El Bosque  Mentor3
21/03/14 El Bosque  Mentor3

A couple of nice flights over two days. Managed 1hr 40 on Thursday,really getting to grips with the wing and thermalling out front. Cloudbase was pretty low probably 1500ft above the hill.

Friday was a better day but me and another Guy were sharing the job of driving up the Mountain. I picked the first flight around 12am and although it was working for a nice 40min float about conditions got better for the second flights,and some of the group flew to Algodonales and beyond while I watched everybody at cloudbase from the landing field :x

Nice Week off and flew everyday Mon-Fri.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 25, 2014, 08:05:47 AM
24/03/14  El Bosque    Mentor3

Managed a quick flight around 1pm. It was quite hard to stay in the lifty bits but the thermals were there. Landed after 1hr 10mins with shorts on for a warm in the landing field,back up to take off to drive the Van down. The wind had picked up as per forecast and people were pushing out and some low end gliders were struggling to reach the landing field.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 28, 2014, 11:56:55 AM
27/03/14   Matalascanas   Little Cloud 18m/ Mentor3

Way too much wind inland so a 2hr  plus drive to the coast. Conditions on the dunes were strong but flyable. Had a go on a Little cloud 18 which was fun, then as the wind dropped  a longer flight 2hr 45 on the Mentor.

The Sun was hidden by cloud today so a tad cold in the air, didn't venture further than 5k down the ridge.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Mike Thomas on March 30, 2014, 18:31:06 PM
Well you're certainly getting some in Stu. Nice one!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on March 30, 2014, 21:53:05 PM
Ha!! True mike!! It,s good flying. When its really good i seem to be retrieve van driver :wink:
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 11, 2014, 11:28:58 AM
10/04/14 Canete la Real    Mentor3

Bit windy in Algo so off 40k odd East to this nice litte rocky soaring hill with the Cp group. Last Sunday me and Tony(conway) who's out here for a month or so, decided to hike up the mountain with mini wings.

Walking up the South side took 2.5 hrs. The wind was on the NW ramp and it took 3mins to fly down to thre bullring landing field under a LittleCloud XL 20m wing. Another 2hrs walking and we were back in Algodonales :o

[/size][size=78%]    [/size]
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 12, 2014, 20:59:46 PM
Matalascanas   Buzz z4 L

Bit windy in Algo so the long trip to the coast. Wind was a bit off to the West so a slow beat and a real fast beat down a ridge that drops off to 20ft in places.
 A fantastic day for Ground handling and foot dragging on the dunes and beach and I got more wing control in than flying, CP group doing really well on the beach. Awesome location when it's blown out in Town 8)

20mins fly
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Ben Armstrong on April 13, 2014, 22:04:24 PM
How does the Buzz compare with the Mentor 3 stu?
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 14, 2014, 11:05:55 AM
Hi Ben!! The Buzz is quite nice to fly!!  I've come wise to not using my wing at the coast with soft sand launches!!

Flown it inland once and its a bit slower and doesn't turn as sharp as my Mentor but nice wing
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Ben Armstrong on April 14, 2014, 12:00:35 PM
Thanks Stu,

Ive noticed its a bit slower too (Than the rush) but the glide seems to be very good for a low B.

Hope its going well out there !
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 20, 2014, 15:52:15 PM
18/03/14  Ronda la Vieja    Mentor3

Busy week driving for the EP and CP Plus groups. On Wednesday I managed a few Tow flights from our field at Puerto Serano. First tow was a low tow without release, then the next few were higher(a few 100ft) with release and a circuit to land were I took off 8)  Interesting!!

Grabbed  a late flight on Thursday afternoon at Ronda. On the glide down the valley it was lifting everywhereas the sun was going down I glided a few km in a small triangle to land at the country bar Los Villalones.

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Mike Thomas on April 20, 2014, 23:03:34 PM
Can you do a tow conversion out there Stu? Useful thing to have, but maybe not in SW Wales. It's great to see you having fun.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 21, 2014, 09:47:20 AM
 19/04/14  El Bosque    Mentor3

A late afternoon flight after a day of driving. Low cloudbase and moisture in the air. Waited for some hangies to launch( theres a Spanish comp in Area and it was good to see 40 or 50 gliders around the SE Algo launch yesterday morn)

Forward launch and a nice soar about the ridge in smooth/light air for 20mins with a vulture and eagle or two below.Curcuit approach to the landing field and just miss the spot landing ;)

Cold Beers in a busy landing field!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 22, 2014, 09:20:47 AM
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Phil Thomas on April 23, 2014, 17:32:29 PM
Nice one Stu, getting some good flying in by the sounds of it  :-)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 23, 2014, 18:52:09 PM
Missing the best XC days (like today :( ) at moment, but getting the hrs up and keeping current :)  Lots of driving to be done!!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 29, 2014, 09:58:47 AM
24/04/14  Lijar NW    Mentor3

A cracking blue sky light wind day and hard call to work out where to head? We decide on the NW at Algo where the light breeze and thermals are slowly coming through. No birds in the sky and the windsock switching directions!!

Plenty of pilots on the small Ramp launch but no one fancying being first off, I give it a go. Looked like I was on my way to the Bullring landing but slowly I worked some lift back up until it turned into a strong Punchy thermal, a lot of North in the wind so a different drift direction today.

 Soon 2000ft above launch and drifting SW but the air is getting rough and me and another pilot( the one ones flying) land a few km out and its nice to be on the ground ;)

Some pilot fly above as we watch from our chosen landing field but no XC's and  banter at the landing field bar later confirms the air was not nice!!


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Post by: Stu Kelly on April 29, 2014, 10:14:16 AM
27/04/14    Ronda la Vieja      Little Cloud Spiruline XL

People flying big wings but a brisk breeze so I take a 20m LC up for a spin. It's great beating up and down the ridge and this mini wing climbs well and before long Im pushing out and actually 360 ing in lift and getting 600ft ato in nice afternoon lift. Ronda is a great site for an afternoon play around 8)

1hr 10
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on April 30, 2014, 09:43:42 AM
29/04/14      Montellano      Rush 4
                        Ronda La V     Gin Carrera

Driving up and down the mountain most of the day taking people back up to TO, but got a chance to fly the new Rush before we shot off. Very light wind and small thermic cycles. Wing feels great but need a longer thermic flight on it to compare ;)

 In the afternoon it was off to Ronda la Vieja where I picked up Russ's Gin Carrera for a lovely 1hr 20min boat about in nice small but lifty thermals.

Some of the group pushed over the back towards Ronda but were soon on the deck. I Pushed out front into wind and played about over a brown field were a tractor was ploughing. The Carrera is a beautiful wing to fly and quite impressive into wind and on speed bar. Landed a few km's out at the bar at Los Villalones for a beer 8)  28 degrees and getting hotter tomorrow!!!

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Gron Jones on April 30, 2014, 23:48:06 PM
Come on everybody - let's sing along with Stu, - you all know the tune!!!
Para bailar la bamba!
Para bailar la bamba!

Se necesita una poca de gracia!!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 01, 2014, 10:15:43 AM
Hola!! Gareth Buzz Z4 is good if your looking for something easy to fly, but the Gin Atlas is probs a little better in Performance:)

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 01, 2014, 10:25:44 AM
30/04/14  Ronda La Vieja    Rush4

A great day for thermalling and I managed a nice 30mins thermalling, getting a good 2500ft ato and drifting a km or so over the Roman amphitheatre remains. Unfortunately I had to leave the thermal and the boys and head back to play around at launch as I was on retrieve :(

Watched our group of 7 Pilots (some low airtime) all head off towards Ronda and landed for the Van. A beer awaits me At the big Hotel on the outskirts of Ronda where 6 await. One has flown on further towards Ariatte :)

The Rush 4 is a great wing with precise handling and easier to control on the ground than the Rush3..

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Gron Jones on May 02, 2014, 09:03:02 AM
Thou art becoming a "sky god" Stu!!!     ;)
(Quite appropriate flying over a Roman amphitheatre then!!   :D )

I'm getting the caravan ready for the annual week-end at the lovely grass airstrip at Popham (between Andover and Basingstoke) going with fellow G-LEEKER Steve PJ. It's the big microlight fly-in, and it's usually a fantastic spectacle!
Keee ---ee--eep Flying!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 03, 2014, 09:13:28 AM
Real Busy in Algodonales at the moment. With the 2nd May Festival the town looks like the Wild West, sand on the ground,Horses marching about,re-enactments of the Wars between Napoleon's men and the locals!! It's a must see.

Also the Spanish National Comp(paragliding) is in town. The hill was real busy on Friday with over 150 high aspect gliders sharing the same thermal;)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 07, 2014, 10:29:35 AM
Algo Lijar West      Rush 4

Driving and retrieving the pilots from the SE take off all day, gliders then started taking off on the Westerly after 6pm and I enjoyed a 30min boat around. Very light and hard to mantain any height but by keeping in close to into wind slopes it was easy to stay up. Last in the sky I spot the van turning up in the Landing field and take it down quick for a cold Beer.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 09, 2014, 10:52:10 AM
08/05/14    El Bosque          Rush4

Afternoon flight. 30 degrees so it's nice to sit in the shade and watch through the day. The wind has a lot of South in it and is strong early on. Spent 30mins 200-300ft above the ridge with the Vultures and the Sun setting out front.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 14, 2014, 07:50:54 AM
13-05-14     Lijar West      Rush4

Out with the guided group this week. Managed to get someone to drive the Van,so after watching everyone off it was time for me to launch. Thought I'd missed the boat as everyone else was high above the ridge and I was scratching low and eyeing up the landing field :(

After some hard work and shouting I managed to scratch back up the hill above the NW ramp and took a climb over the back passing over the SE take off with 1700ft or so.It was then off on a glide towards the foothills below El Gastor.

Getting very low again and watching people landing out I concentrated on staying up and after what seemed ages climbed pretty low over the plateau and made a dash for the bottom of the big rocky towers we call "twin peaks".

Some gliders were high on the top so I tucked in tight and worked it up with some vultures and other eagles. Spent a long time out in front the peaks trying to get some height but it was hard work.The views up here were awesome flying above the rocks where Vultures nest. Looking out at the lake was spectacular,sparkling blue in the Sunshine!!!

 Finally paid off with a low climb which got me 700ft or so above then it was off on glide towards the rocky spine ridge above MonteCorto.

One of our group Steve was soaring the ridges above me and again I was kicking tree tops and eyeing up a brown un-cropped field(a rare thing at the moment) for landing.

Somehow I managed enough height to peel off the end of ridge and make a glide for the open fielded area above MonteCorto where I knew a good bar a short walk away but it was not to be and another climb took me across the valley Steve following behind.

We managed to get to an into wind rocky outcrop and spent ages soaring with weak thermals kicking in couldn't find that nice thermal to take us up above the forest and gorge that would have put us on the outskirts of Ronda :(
A short walk and we were at a roadside bar" La Vega" for beers 8)

The flight was only 20km OD but a PB for me and a very interesting flight due to a low inversion,blue skies and a good few low saves!!! It took 2hrs20min and was hard work but enjoyable flying over Andalucian Panorama 8) 

Yesterday as the wind sock changed from SE to SW we watched a local Nacho  head off the hill. 7hrs later he landed for 230km. A new record for the mountain here!!

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Chris Dusgate on May 14, 2014, 14:57:51 PM
Well done Stu, I see you've loaded your flight onto the international XC league.nice one. A good 'scrappy' flight. Maybe you'll make it to Rhonda next time. (
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 15, 2014, 10:31:27 AM
Thanks Chris!! Not far in distance but probably the most enjoyable flight i've ever had flying low and high over wonderful terrain :)  Ronda next time ;)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Mike Thomas on May 19, 2014, 23:10:15 PM
Sounds like a really satisfying flight Stu. The hard own climbs are the best and shows what you can do. Really well done! You're liking the Rush 4 I take it?
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 20, 2014, 20:50:40 PM
Yes Mike!! It was a scrappy flight, low base. But more enjoyable because I thought I was landing quite a few times! Been demo-ing the Rush4 a lot:) Like it so much I might be selling the Mentor3 :'(
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on May 23, 2014, 09:20:40 AM
20/05/14       Matalascanas       Little Cloud 20m

Strong inland so a day at the coast. Got stronger as the day went on and had a nice little flight on the LC spiruline 20m pushing down the ridge a few km to the first high point for a play around then getting back with ease as the wind picked up stronger! Lot's of white-caps on the sea, time to land!!!

22/05/14       El Bosque       Rush4

Afternoon boat about. Wind on the strong side on launch,and a developing sky. Penetrating forward is OK but slow so I push out and enjoy 40mins in weak thermals gaining 1000ft plus? (no instruments today) above launch. Test the wing with some 360's above the landing field and a good spot landing on the target!!

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 02, 2014, 17:33:53 PM
02/06/14     Lijar West   Rush4

Got Mon-Fri off and the week is looking great for flying!! Wasted what was a good day today :(  Taking off about 2pm with only a handful of pilots on launch. The two local hotshots were off at 1:30pm and the small group of us left getting ready to go.

 Wind was North at height and plan was to head South! Took straight off into a thermal and worked up to 2000ft+ ato then drifted off towards the lake and Zahara. Towards the Twin peaks was all in shade and with the drift taking me towards the Grazellema range thought this would be a good option.Lost my thermal and only found some light lift for a brief spell worth for turning in and I was soon on the deck 8km from launch :(

On packing my kit the sun came out to the East and I watched a handful of gliders pass over at CB which was probs 6000ft+ asl :(  Some taking a line towards Ronda.

The moral of this story is get maximum height above(probs another 1500ft+ to climb) TO before shooting off ;)

 Looking at FB The two local hotshots Akis and Nacho heading South got them to the beach near Algeciras for an Icecream  in quick time!!! The sky looked great as the day went on but looking back towards launch nobody else was launching so it got windier as per forecast...

Worth a try ;)  Every day's a lesson here. Very quiet in town Pilot wise as lots are returning to the Alps and beyond....
Got a few more days of play left!! 25mins
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 03, 2014, 23:38:25 PM
03/06/14     Lijar W.    Rush4

Another great day on the Westerly TO. The locals are up in the air and away as we drive up the hill to launch. A WPC Spanish champ has travelled far so it must be good? :) The drift is West so my goal is to try and fly to Olvera 16km or so East.

I watch the hotshots shoot away on their Enzo's and Delta's and Take off in a lull, my main task now is to stay up and get back above TO as I am down Low below launch 100ft above landing field height and soaring Desperate ridge again;)

Somehow patience pays off and I manage to take a slow climb out down to the Eastern end of the ridge and It's game on again!!! Losing that climb I play around 8km or so from TO but slowly work it up again toward Olvera. Landing options looking dodgy but in good lift I must look up;)

Got the highest alt of the flight before Olvera but still not at CB (probs 6500ft)  A hangie and PG are ahead and Above towards the town of Pruna so I head that way.

The air is very active,it's 3pm and 30 degrees!! The terrain below is interesting! I''m getting lower and decide to land close to town but the roughness makes me glide downwind clear and I nearly make the big into- wind ridge where a PG is climbing out. Not to be but I pick the biggest open field below to land and it's nice to be on the ground!!

Walked the 3km or so into Pruna to find there are no Buses and then another 4km or so towards Olvera before hitching a lift!! Hard work in the blazing heat  but all part of the adventure;) The wind has really picked up so a good call to be grounded...

A few pilots have flown far,but for me 23km  is a new PB and I only compete with myself.   1 hr 20 of flying and 2hrs of hard walking in  glorious Andalucian Campo Country 8)   240km was done today again!! But looking at maps these locals don't play the Airspace game?

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 09, 2014, 22:59:11 PM
08/06/14     El Bosque       Rush4

2 Flights, first at 1pm and a later flight at 6pm. The air was rather rough today and at times think some of us were wishing to be on the ground!! One nice moment was thermaling up with a Vulture below me.Going round in circles together the birds massive wingspan stood right out as the Sun was heading West!!

Lowish CB today. Russ(flyspain Ins) head down the ridges on the hope of getting back to Algodonales but only made Zahara and was literally landing backwards. (It's always stronger in the Algo/Zahara valley)

2hrs 10

09/06/14    NW Ramp Lijar

The hill is working but it's lightish thermic cycles at first. Conditions improve and I play with a few climbs out front of launch,but they don't take me high enough to commit over the back.

I see Russ heading down the ridge to the North and decide to drift that way in the hope of finding lift where the hill drops to open farmland. Some Vultures are going up out front and a quick dart that way finds us a good climb.

Following the drift it wears out and we are getting very low over big farmland being harvested for wheat, a really low rough thermal saves the day and we circle downwind getting above 5000ft asl being very patient with bad landing options below!!!

I can see our flying site Ronda la Vieja  a  few km downwind and closer is the Rustic bar at Los Villalones, Getting low An into wind Hill stops us making a glide for the bar, it's not working and we bomb out.

Only 12km or so from take off but an interesting challenging flight. 16km with TP's. Nice flying and thermaling at close quarters with a friend 8)  1hr10
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 12, 2014, 10:10:53 AM
11/06/14  Lijar SE   Rush4

An early flight proves the air is Rough and it's down to the small landing strip. The main big field is out of bounds with beautiful 5ft Sunflowers!!! We head back out in the afternoon taking off in much nicer air at 7 pm I boat around working it up to 1300ft ato 8)  it's working well above the ridge. I get bored so speedbar out to the valley searching but find nothing so it's back to the landing strip, Temp today is 35degrees :P .  30mins.

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 13, 2014, 15:52:21 PM
13/06/14    Lijar SE  Rush4

It's another scorcher!! Pushing 37 degrees. We take a trip up the SE Take off, wind light with nice thermic cycles coming through. A few gliders wait for a wind dummy and one of our boys takes off, not convincing but he's staying up!

We all take to the air and there are good climbs to be had above TO. I miss the boat and I'm very weary getting low in front of the ridge, pushing out for the landing field I get a good climb with a slight East drift over Algo and I'm on my way topping out at 5800ft or so.

 A good glide later and I'm preparing for landing at the junction where the Guardia Civil (local police) do their Road Block/ stops. Fortunately they are not there today ;) .

 Amazingly a 100ft or so above a small into wind slope  I find another climb and a Yellow Mentor joins me for a slow work out towards the town of Puerto Serrano. A long searching glide finds nothing worth turning despite the heat and combine harvesters working the fields outside the village :( We land a km or so further beyond the town and get a quick retrieve 8)

Only 16.7km. 20km with TP's but A nice little flight as I was real low a couple times. Shows it pays not to give up!! 1hr 10

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 17, 2014, 08:32:19 AM
16/06/14  Matalascanas      Rush 4

Very windy and Hot in town so off to the coast for a pleasant afternoons soaring the dunes 8)  Always beautiful flying in the National park with birds of prey and fellow pilots. I want to do the 20km+ down to Mazagon and back but the wind is slightly off SW to W and not strong enough to jump the gap so we play around on the high dunes 3km down from launch.

I get to 11km down the ridge but it's light and tricky and the tide is right in in places!! A quicker beat takes us back to TO for a top landing, trying to keep sand out of the wing ;)    2hrs 50min

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 18, 2014, 11:34:04 AM
17/06/14      El Bosque     Rush 4.

Some big menacing clouds above TO, but a glider is flying ok and the clouds seem to be decaying with plenty of blue sky outfront. I take off and head up, the air is smooth but a bit sucky in places. I try and head upwind where it's blue.

 The Mast hill 7 km or so out-front at Prado del Ray is the target but I only manage the  into-wind slope 3 km or so out and not finding anymore lift I'm getting lower so quick tail it downwind for the landing field. 1hr

The cloud totally clears later and the group of low airtime pilots enjoy a cracking afternoon's flying some getting nearly 3hrs in!! 8)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 19, 2014, 11:28:47 AM
18/06/14   El Bosque      Rush 4

Another fine afternoon at "The Forest", light winds and plenty of lift out front. Again after a while I get bored of circling in front the ridge and push out to the hill in front. The air is quite lifty but after a short while I'm getting low so head back downwind to the landing field. 45mins
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Phil Thomas on June 19, 2014, 21:22:22 PM
Keep them coming Stu, loving the updates.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Gron Jones on June 19, 2014, 21:22:59 PM
Well done Stu!  Sounds as if you like that Rush 4!  I'm still waiting for a chance to try out Guy's Swift - have tried a few times.  Latest failure was last Friday evening at Rhossili, when it got far to light (and was northerly) just as I was arriving for an aspirational evening flight  :( .  Frustrating, after having seen a few gliders in the air when driving past Pitton Cross.
Your posts sum up the difference between Wales and Spain.  In the former, we try to chase precious opportunities to fly ...................  in the latter - you get "bored of circling"   ;) . 
Have fun - and we all look forward to seeing you on your return here for August, and hearing you spinning your yarns over a pint!
Will be great to fly with you again - PM or PG or both!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 19, 2014, 22:10:54 PM
Looking forward to the Green Grass of home!! and hopefully some nice flying ;)  Good to catch up with everyone!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Phil Thomas on June 19, 2014, 23:12:48 PM
Who are you again...?
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 19, 2014, 23:57:32 PM
Nice 1 Phil ;)

19/06/14  Vejer WSW   Rush 4

It's too windy in Algo and cross at El Bosque so we head to a new site for me! Vejer de la Frontera is a Westerly site about 10km inland from the coast from Conil. A nice long ridge but the wind was on the strong side :o  20 mph+ at times.

I launch on the second attempt  :?  and it's easy soaring with beautiful views out-front to the coastline and behind launch the town of lejer.Beyond  this white hilltop town a green delta and rivers then the mountains inland!!

Some of the lift seems thermic and  I manage to do some circles and gain nearly 700ft ato. The wind stays strong but it's rather smooth and I land after 1hr10 at the bottom happy at 8.10pm.

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on June 26, 2014, 23:40:58 PM
26/06/14      Ronda la Vieja     Rush 4

Been a passenger a few day's this week. One of the boy's has bought a nice new Gin Fuse Tandem and I've been riding up front.

We turned up late afternoon to Ronda the wind on the brisk side but a spanish pilot on an Omega 7 is flying so we get kittted up. A short flight and a top landing in the field behind launch,very nice wing!!!

8:30pm and I get out my wing  for a nice 30 min boat up and down the ridge never gaining more than 200ft ato. The wind is dropping so hugging in close is a must. Soon it's time to to land and watch the  sunset  8)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on July 04, 2014, 18:43:06 PM
04/07/14  Lijar West   Rush 4

It's hotting up in Algo and there is only a handful of pilots flying at the moment. I manage to get a lift from Mark ( a belgian pilot who lives here).
Only 6 or 7 of us are on launch where the wind is very light with small cycles coming through now and again.

I'm last off and pick a cycle but it's hard work getting height above launch. I bimble down to the eastern edge of the mountain but am sinking well below the hill. Mark is on the lee-ward side of the mountain and In a good climb. I decide to push off the mountain to the open farmland where I've climbed out before. It works and being patient pays off and I'm on my way over the rough hillocks towards El Gastor. 

On a glide to the hill just East of El Gastor I get another good climb that  takes me passed and over the Montecorto ridge. Clouds are forming so I hot foot it onto the next ridge, the last barrier until the flats before Ronda.

 I make it and glide on thinking of landing at the Pedro Benito Hotel( cold beer & Bus stop= easy afternoon) but the climb keeps going up to 6400ft +. The drift wants to take me towards the mountains but they are hostile and  airspace is beyond so I touch the edge of Ronda taking in views of the town,  Gorge and the big bull-ring 8) and head crosswind for Arriate the next town on.

 The air is Getting real rough(it's July and 33 degrees) :o  and the thermals are broken and nasty and Im soon looking for an non-cropped ,non cabled field to land. It's a chore packing up in the heat and then walking a few km towards the hotel where Russ kindly came out from Algo to pick me up. Thanks!!!

A great day!! 2hrs flying and 36.6km with Tp's and a new PB for me 8)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Chris Dusgate on July 04, 2014, 19:19:08 PM
Great PB Stu, nice one. I am going to be out there for 3 weeks in October, staying in Olvera with Karen, hopefully we'll get to do some Xc together
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Phil Thomas on July 04, 2014, 22:08:07 PM
Good one Stu!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Gron Jones on July 05, 2014, 10:20:53 AM
Congratulatons on your personal best, Stu!
As it happens, - I was born not too far from Ronda ............................ Merthyr Tydfil  :D
I bet you're looking forward to cooler Wales!  Hasn't been a bad summer here so far.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on July 05, 2014, 15:26:06 PM
Thanks guys!! @Chris hope I'm not too busy driving the Bus in Oct. I will try and arrange a week off ;)  @ Gareth. I was on the outskirts of Ronda and could have easily flown over the town but that takes you towards some wild  mountains(hard retrieve )and airspace.

 On light wind days most try to do a triangle or out and return. My plan was to try and fly to setenil/olvera then back to algo (dream on) but the wind had picked up a bit. Mark managed an out and return which was pretty good considering the headwind!!!!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Mike Thomas on July 10, 2014, 09:57:17 AM
Nice one Stu. Sounds pretty full on in the afternoons there.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on July 10, 2014, 13:26:09 PM
Yes it hotting up here in Algo ;) 35  :? degrees today!!

  Nice Vid Mike, I will try and get out to Piedrahita next July!!!

Nearly time for me to head North West. Catch you hopefully on the green hills of Wales in August :)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Steve Bain on July 10, 2014, 13:27:48 PM
Nice one Stu! Look forward to catching up when you come home.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on July 27, 2014, 09:52:19 AM
15/07 to 24/07/14   Dune du Pyla    Rush4/ Little Cloud

The boys were heading North West for a course and flights were cheap to the Uk from Bordeaux so I decided to chill out on the coast in France for a week.We shared the driving up through Spain an I was amazed how quiet the roads through central Spain were.Stopping in Salamanca for an hr or so we made the Dune in 16hrs.

 The hill was flyable everyday(windows) Great fun for you GH skills when strong. Got in a lots foot dragging, low flying and swimming in the sea.

The main ridge was a free for all with no Rules for what I could see,had to take quick evasive action on one occasion and therefore decided to stay away when busy!!

Plus points: Beautiful Location with Lot's to do for everyone,Swimming,fishing, walking and set up well with activities in Campsite.

Negs: Sand,Sand,SAND :? Busy ridge, Steep prices in Campsite(maybe I been in Rural Spain to long)

Catch you on a welsh hill soon.

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Gron Jones on July 27, 2014, 21:06:17 PM
Croeso nol i Gymru Fach, Stu!!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on July 29, 2014, 16:32:02 PM
Rhossili   26/07/14      Rush 4

Light with too much South for a while. I ground handled on the pimple for quite a while and didn't like the air. Later on in the afternoon it came on more West/smooth and strong and It was beautiful flying high and far out over the sea/ beach with the sun heading down West. Plenty of height to be had.

 Orographic was forming so it was down to the beach to land with Scotty and Stu O and head up for a pint in the Worms!!

Nice to catch up with everyone 8) 1 hr

28/07/14   Rhigos       Rush 4

A late call from Barry who was flying at the Rhigos and I was on my way. The wind was a bit light at times but cycles coming through enabled a couple of nice flights above the bowl, the far end working well due to a bit of East in the wind.

Took a climb a good 500ft or so and it was great to take a look at the landscape over the back. I have only flown here twice before this and can remember the last time was prob 3 yrs ago and more in the Snow.

Nice to catch up with Barry, Nick and Viv and a nice meal at The Angel, Pontneddfechan. A great pub near the start of the great Neath valley waterfall walks. 25mins
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on August 04, 2014, 23:42:24 PM
4/08/14    Nant y Moel      Rush 4

Showers and a lot of grey cloud on the journey up. Met Chris and Steve J at the gate. It's a shame the wind was strong pushing 25mph and gusty at times, because the sky looked rather good!!

The boy's pushed off after 3hrs parawaiting and with not much drop in wind strength and time pushing on an XC flight looked doubtful :x  I decided to hang around on the hope of a late boat about if the wind dropped. It did and we all took to the air later for nice Sundown flights. 45mins for me.

 A bit more West in the wind so working well over the gully towards the new turbines.Gained 600ft ato at times with great visibility looking South to the Severn Estuary.Clear views of the coast out front and Pen y Fan and the sugar loaf standing out over the back!

Great to catch up with Club members Jamie and his Dad Alan, Stu O, Andy Brazier,Axis, Ginge and many more.

Flying late( 7pm) a nice bonus for a long para-wait :)

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on August 08, 2014, 11:47:56 AM
07/08/14    Fan G    Rush 4

Met Chris and Viv at the lay-by and the sky was looking good :D  On TO it was rather strong at times. We launched when it dropped a bit and it was a little rough low down at times. Climbs a bit unpredictable but on the first flight managed to gain nearly 5000ft asl above the bowl,drifting it ran out so it was back to the ridge.

A few scratchy flights and Top landings later and time was running out. Chris was in a good climb and leaving the hill so I got in on the thermal. A bit Low leaving the hill 3000ft + I went with it only because I had a marker (Chris) still climbing a couple km downwind....and much higher!!!

The next 8km or so was a matter of not bombing out in No Mans-land (which I've done before) With no decent climbs it was a fight in light lift to mantain my height above 3000-3500ft asl.

Patience payed off for slowly drifting and I got a better climb on reaching the rocky ridge near Ystradfellte  where Chris came back upwind a few km to join me. We thermalled together for a while and it was great drifting towards Merthyr 2 gliders making easier work.

Played around in light lift around the golf course on the rocky ridge above the A470 Cefn Coed but couldn't work enough height (as Chris did) to safely jump over Merthyr and beyond.

A short walk down to the A470 with the prospect of walking and hitching in the heat, Mr Steve Watkins was the second car to pass heading home from work and kindly rounded us both up and took us back to out cars in the Crai lay-by. Many thanks Steve, owe you one ;)

Great day on the hill.  2hr30 and a nice last flight 18.4km straight line. My best Uk flight for now ;)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on August 20, 2014, 21:40:52 PM
20/08/2014   Graig Fawr         Rush 4

Met Chris and Rhun at Park & Ride J46. On the hill it was a bit overcast and variable and we delayed taking wings out for a while. The wind strength was OK and the boys took off and managed to make the SW end of the ridge. I missed a cycle and slope landed but managed to run/Ground handle the wing round the corner and got a quick climb up!!

Got to CB (3600ft) a few km behind the hill but messed about/ slowed down around the Lliw Res area too much and ended up focusing on the big open hill above Craig Cefn Parc, where I landed :x  In hindsight I still had a fair bit of height and with a good downwind G/speed should have pushed on a glide to search. Still nice little flight at a site I've only flown thrice and first little forage over the back here :)  25mins

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on August 24, 2014, 10:51:11 AM
23/08/14     Seven Sisters   Rush 4

A morning waiting for conditions to improve at the BCC at Merthyr with Rhun,Steve and Mike. People were flying but it was strong with Gusts and bouts of rain coming through.Our team decided to give it a miss!!

After a few hours of chatting and running for shelter on the common we decided to head West to see if we could fly somewhere else.

 It looked a lot better down the Neath Valley and we decided to give SS a try. It was on the top end on launch but as the afternoon went on it mellowed out and we all flew late until the sun was setting with a clear blue sky 8)

The air was lifty and with nearly 1700ft above launch we were pushing out a km or so to the main road. Visibility was fantastic with great views over to the Black Mountain and the coastline around Swansea.

A nice end to what looked like a cold blown out day. A couple did get away from Merthyr and a glider we watched climb out  from Fochriw early on turned out to be Chris White who landed at Newport. 

35 mins flying over 2 nice late afternoon flights :)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on September 02, 2014, 23:28:42 PM
02/09/14   El Bosque     Rush 4

Nice to be back in Andalucia with a balmy climate!! 38 degrees midday today. Managed a late afternoon flight above the Forest enjoying with a few  friends,vultures and eagles. The afternoon forecast showed thunder, but it never developed.

Although the air was very humid and hazy we enjoyed a nice boat about with a few hundred feet available ATO. My Dad's been with me for 3 days catching up on the Spanish culture and flies home tomorrow.

Hopefully some more flying before Saturday? when a busy Autumn season starts :o    50 mins and  a pint at sunset 8)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on September 03, 2014, 23:13:51 PM
03/09/14     Ronda la Vieja       Rush 4

Very hot and windy throughout the day but planned a late afternoon flight with Rob and Russ at "Ronda of Old" Beautiful views and the wind was dying down from top end as we arrived for a great 30mins Sun set flying. The valley is much browner than it was a month ago, wheat has been cropped and drooping fields of dead sunflowers are being harvested by machine for their seeds.

Hoping to get a mid-day XC flight in before we start a busy short season on Saturday

Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on September 12, 2014, 15:20:16 PM
11/9/14    El Bosque  Rush4

A Busy week in Algodonales  with 3 groups. I've been on Landing field duty so not much flying. Lot's of big TTB's to keep an eye on traffic coming in!! A nice afternoon flight off Bosque pushing out 3km or so from the hill. The air was real lifty but after 20mins I turned downwind to the landing  field and quicked it down to beat our pilots who were soaring the last light of the day.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on September 15, 2014, 09:38:41 AM
14/9/14       El Bosque WSW    Rush 4

Bit strong in Algo so off to El Bosque where it's always lighter. Managed to get another afternoon flight in. The wind was getting stronger as the day went on. Caught some nice thermals up to 2000ft ato,Looking at the sky and with a bit of South in the drift think it would have  been easy to head back to Algo and beyond but the wind would have been howling through!!

Pushed out over the town then struggled an into wind line to the landing field.
Nice afternoon's flying and Pepe's mobile landing bar is waiting for the sunset fliers to land :)  1hr 20
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on September 16, 2014, 08:55:19 AM
15/9/14   Lijar W

It was working well through the day with a great high CB. Some of the group flew to Olvera and beyond and I was on retrieve. Got a late afternoon 20min second flight in  watching the sun go down then heading across to the busy Bull ring field where the landing bar was waiting. 
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on September 19, 2014, 08:26:27 AM
18/9/14 Matalascanas Rush 4 

We've had some rare moisture and rain in Algo last couple of days. A gamble for the long run to the coast payed off and our groups had the ridge to themselves. The wind was on the strong side and a bit South at first, but as the day went on it came bang on SW for hours of flying.

Some done the 20km and back ridge run. I stayed in the first 10km keeping an eye on some big clouds and rain out to sea!! But they never connected with us and it ended up a sunny afternoon 8)  3hr 10
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on September 25, 2014, 08:53:09 AM
22/9/14 Matalascanas  Rush 4 

Low pressure and rain still around so another long drive to the coast. Well worth it for our low airtime CP+ group. Some getting in 3hrs plus and great views and sunshine 8)  Great start to their week to get to grips with their gliders!!

I boated about in the first  11km section of dunes flying with some Osprey type eagle at one point, After 2hrs I spotted Rob top landing at a bar that was open on cliff top a km from TO so joined him for tapas and drink to watch everyone get their hours up.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on October 06, 2014, 12:49:26 PM
5/10/14     Lijar West. (Poniente)

A Great forecast but it didn't turn out to be. The wind picked up pretty fast. I got up and away with probably 60 pilots trying to thermal in front of launch. The head was moving to say the least. Lots more we setting up on a busy launch.

I decided to break away down to the other end of the mountain and run for the big open area 7km or so from launch. It was a good idea to pick this landing as me and another pilot came in with zero ground speed.

Got a lift back to the Bullring landing field for an afternoon of Beers to watch some interesting Landings. The wind increasing and with thermic air it can be" rough as" down there sometimes.

Club members Jon and Dee are out with us this week, and Im hoping to catch up With Chris D tomorrow for a fly aswell.

30 mins
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on October 06, 2014, 21:29:23 PM
06/10/14     El Bosque       Rush 4

Windy in Algo but got a late phone call and lift to Bosque. It had been strong earlier in the day but on arrival at 5:30 PM there we plenty gliders out front the ridge and a few some km's upwind. Wasted no time pushing in front of a busy launch to get airborne for a good 1hr 20 mins of cracking thermaling   practice (much needed)

Managed to push out nearly 4km from launch and get back low to the landing field only to climb out again above TO for another 20mins fly. El Bosque is a great place  to hone your thermal skills.

Landed at 7:30PM in a busy landing field with 2 mobile bars to watch gliders flying till sundown :)

Meeting Mr Dusgate tomorrow. So hopefully a good day for XC on the mountain in Algodonales??
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on October 08, 2014, 21:38:34 PM
7/10/14   Lijar West   Rush 4

Met up With Chris and Karen (Dusgate) for breakfast in the Plaza. We head up to Poniente(West TO) for about 2:30pm. It wasn't convincing at first but we timed it right for a 4pm take off and straight off in a decent thermal :) Lot's of pilots and markers in the sky.

 Chris had made good ground towards the twin peaks but I was still circling a few km behind the hill with a game of patience to gain altitude. It finally paid off and I got a slow climb up to 5500Ft + and I rejoined Chris for some low level Scrappy thermal searching around El Gastor/Twin peaks.

 With Chris and vultures showing the way we finally got away and jumped the next peaks to land near our flying site Ronda la Vieja. Not a flight of  distance but a challenging flight for me for nearly 2hrs of patient light wind up and down flying.

Nice to catch up with Chris and Karen who are in Andalucia for 3 weeks! Thanks for the lift Karen ;)

1 hr 45 and 22.5km with TP  Added a photo on glide to Twin peaks.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on October 09, 2014, 10:26:05 AM
08/10/14  Lijar West  then  El Bosque.

Real Busy on launch. Possible 60-70 pilots getting ready. The day is early but I'm third in the air and manage to maintain height. Soon It's  a free for all with lot's of gliders taking off and circling in light thermals with no great height gain. I drift down the ridge for some space but find nothing for keeping me up so land in the Bullring landing. 30mins.

In the Afternoon I join the group at El Bosque but get off a bit early and bomb out and grab a lift to the bar at" Los Nogales" It's my week off after all. At 6pm I watch from my beer as some To again and get a good 2hr soaring session in!!
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on October 21, 2014, 20:21:32 PM
Been a bit busy with work these last 2 weeks and abused my blogs a bit. Bit of rain last week but we flew most days, having to travel a bit. 2 days at Conil de a Frontera. A small coastal site. El bosque for a short flight and a nice afternoon flight on the West in algo last week.

This week a lot of wind, cirrus and haze so far so no real height gains but some flying of Lijar SE was good yesterday afternoon., and today a busy day with a N E'arly wind it was Montellano, and the flying circus with probably close to 100 people on the small launch with increasing winds and plenty of action later.

Probable 40 gliders in the air with no real height gains 600-700ft ato. Nice to see Chris D (and Karen) flying today. Not and XC day though:(
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on October 30, 2014, 09:34:24 AM
29/10/14   Lijar SE   Rush 4

A Great day on the mountain! Wasn't expecting to fly so it was shorts and t-shirt and no Vario and GPS. Good practice. The valley out front was working very well and the headwind was not strong. I managed to find some good thermals on route to the twin peaks.

Getting a touch cold I head the 8km or so back to the mountain with the idea of landing. ( I could see the landing BAR) but with lot's of height and one of the group heading out I decided to head for the twin peaks again and then head on towards Ronda.

It worked well for a while but I hit a stronger headwind coming down the valley and landed at MonteCorto by the Petrol Station. They sell Cold Beers;)

An Interesting flight with no gloves and jacket or Vario. GPS 8)  Landing only probably 12km or so from TO but probably done 30km with TP's. 3hrs of Fantastic thermaling practice.
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Nick Roberts on November 03, 2014, 19:43:32 PM
Great stuff Stu, practice pays off!

Fly,fly,fly  8)
Title: Re: Stu Flew 2014
Post by: Stu Kelly on November 06, 2014, 09:07:49 AM
05/11/14   Ronda la Vieja    Rush 4

A great 1hr 30 mins play on a nice thermic day with some clouds to show the way. The small ridge got rather busy with our group of 8 pilots so I pushed out into the valley and got some nice climbs kicking off the lower ridge lots of vultures in the sky showing the way.

 Tried to push for the Bar a few km out at Los Villalones but with too much of a headwind I cross winded it to a small ridge where a glider was soaring extending the flight and picking up a nice thermal.

The air is getting much colder now,hands cold so down to land at a pick up point by the road a few km from take off. Some of the gliders join me landing into wind on the road.

Fantastic Guy Fawkes day flying.

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Post by: Mike Thomas on November 06, 2014, 12:20:45 PM
Hi Stu, Thanks for the updates, but I was wondering what this "flying" activity was all about. It rings a vague bell in my brain but it's been sooooo long.... ;-) Keep clocking up the hours!
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Post by: Stu Kelly on November 06, 2014, 18:36:47 PM
06/11/14  Ronda la Vieja    Little Cloud 20m

Another nice little flight this time on the little cloud mini-wing. Some playing around on the ridge. Perfect for the LC as conditions were a tad strong and our gliders had landed. But I managed to push out and join some birds and take a thermal out front getting a good 1000ft ato. The wing turns quick in a 360.  I got  a km out from TO and quick tailed it back to the ridge only just making it back low and luckily scratching  back up :?  for a top landing. Ronda's a great site.  30mins
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Post by: Stu Kelly on November 24, 2014, 20:28:18 PM
24/11/14  Ronda La Vieja    Delta 2

Been flyable over the last few weeks but been busy working. Lots of various TTB's to keep an eye on landings and plenty of driving :x  Very overcast today with the threat of rain. Our small group took advantage  of the smooth ridge lift at Ronda even though the grey base was only 200ft above launch.

I had a demo on Rob's Large Delta 2 and Gin Genie Lite and have to say they were beautiful :D  maybe genie lite will be my next purchase. The Delta was great in light/ lifty conditions and I managed to easily glide to the bar at Los Villalones a few km out front. It's nice to try out different wings out here and yesterday I  had a ttb off the SE take off on a brand new Ozone Roadster 2 PPG wing. Interesting :)

30 mins
Catch you all in the Xmas do :police:
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Post by: Stu Kelly on November 25, 2014, 20:57:39 PM
25/11/14   Vejer de la frontera  Rush4

Low cloud and rain in town so a journey to just inland from the coast of Conil. It was good for a short while but after 20mins of smooth soaring I spotted a squal and rain at sea encroaching and booted it down to land. Followed down by everyone else just in time to pack up before the rain :D

A treat was in store on the way back we found a Micro-brewery near the coast at Los Barrios and stopped off to try various ales and Curry/Rice and Chips :laugh: :like  Ain't had these for a long time.
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Post by: Stu Kelly on December 02, 2014, 19:37:49 PM
02/12/14   Montellano     Rush 4

A cold clear night with a blue sky in the morning tempted me to head out. My week off I managed to grab a lift to Monte with Geraldo from Ganterfly.

Arrived at 11:30 with lots of pilots arriving and soaring out front in light ridge lift and weak thermals. The day was meant to get windy,so I wasted no time in taking off for a fly.

It was a game of dodge the pilots for a while until I got a good climb and decided to head away with two pilots on hot wings. They head back to the hill. I climbed over the town and headed off away from the main roads into vast open brown farmland with into wind hills. It worked well for a few light patient climbs taking me well out the way from retrieve. :(

But Villamartin 10km or so spurred me on and I got another climb which took me off to the lake near Bornos. I ran out of height near the main Road luckily right next to a Petrol Staition/Bar. Glad to pick a big open field as the wind was licking through.

Nice flight for December 22.5km Straight, and I love flying Montellano with possibilities of getting to the coast legally someday. ( I could see the sea glistening some 60km away today). Great visibility and  on a busy hill I was the only pilot to get away  :laugh:    The wind did pick up later. 2hrs of beautiful blue sky fly 8)  Max height only 3300asl but some easy open terrain to fly over!
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Post by: Stu Kelly on December 14, 2014, 19:50:25 PM
13/12/14   Rhossili   Ozone Octane flx

A great afternoon out with quite a good turnout on the pimple:) I didn't get there till 1pm as the wind was picking up and most had landed. Conditions right on top end but great for my new ""Rhossili" wing a 22m Octane.

 Enjoyed the sunshine and skies flying with Gerry, Leon, Quin/Kate(tandem) and Richard, plus Angus and Nicola flying little wings. Lots parawaiting below on the pimple but it only got stronger.

Leon was in his element on his Mentor 3 pushing  some distance out to sea.  I followed him to hill end, me sticking to the ridge with a lot of North in the wind. But Leon pushed out nearly to the end just short of Bury Holms getting very low but still managed to use the raised beach to get back to rhossili end:) Nice flying.

Soon I was joining Leon on the beach to pack away.

A great afternoon and nice to catch you all in the worms head. A quick dash home to make the swwsc Xmas dinner ;)

1 hr 30
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Post by: Stu Kelly on December 15, 2014, 18:20:30 PM
15/12/14    Rhossili    Rush 4

Arrived at 11 am and sat in the car park for sometime watching the showers;( It cleared for a while and there was a light breeze so decided to drive to the church car park and walk up. To my suprise Leon's wing was up. (he had been sheltering in the gorse Bushes) and had been flying earlier in the morn as well.

It was a bit light for the Octane so I took it back down and got the Rush. Nick,Viv and Nasher were heading up. Light on the pimple but with the Rush out and ready to go I scratched round low gorse kicking to get to hill end before a shower hit the hill.

I played around down this end where it was dry until the shower cleared to join the guys taking off on the main ridge for a fly.  40 mins  Light winds but a good 900ft+ above the beach at times ;)
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Post by: Stu Kelly on January 05, 2015, 15:06:20 PM
Happy New year all :laugh:  Not a bad 2014. I clocked up 57 hrs 25. Hope it's going to be a great 2015. Im off to South  Africa on Friday then back to Spain in 3 weeks. Sorry I missed some of you. Have a great 2015 and fly,fly fly.
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Post by: Ben Armstrong on January 05, 2015, 15:52:24 PM
Enjoy SA Stu and say hello to Jan for me. Wilderness is Great ::)
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Post by: Gron Jones on January 05, 2015, 22:28:13 PM
Yes, Stu - good luck in S.A. & back in Spain!
I also flew with Jan Minar in Wilderness as well - 2007.  "Map of Africa" is amazing!
I hope a gang of us from SWWSC can come out and join you in 2015!