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2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Nick's Airtime 2017
« Last post by Nick Roberts on January 04, 2018, 07:47:20 AM »

87hrs and 30 mins logged airtime in 2017.  A great season up until the middle of July including that unforgettable club trip to Algodonales in May.  A bit of a damp squib in late summer and Autumn though!

Looking forward to many more great flights and club events at home and further afield this year :)
2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Viv's Blog 2017
« Last post by Paul York on December 17, 2017, 13:10:06 PM »
DON'T even think about it Viv.

What else will give you this feeling . . . " A nice long flight, pleasant walk and constant birdsong nearly made me burst with joy.".

I'm so jealous when all the long term pilots tell me how you used to be able to plan a couple of weeks in advance and get a week of flying days on the trot.

But I'm glad that this unpredictable weather is all I've know because I can imagine how much more frustrating it must be for others used and expecting more.

I just wish I'd started years ago.

Keep it up Viv. See you soon :)
2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Viv's Blog 2017
« Last post by Jon Munro on December 09, 2017, 09:56:08 AM »
Yep, don't give up!

Just pick your days and approach it with a 'flying isn't everything attitude' ...

For me, getting out in the hills is what it is really all about. The flying is just the icing on the cake.

That's what I love about lightweight kit. It's less cumbersome and less hassle.

We would all miss you dearly :-)
2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Viv's Blog 2017
« Last post by Steve Jones on November 18, 2017, 14:34:07 PM »
I guess we all feel like that at times, Viv. I think if you did sell up, you'd regret it :( I've seen how much pleasure it gives you when you've had a good flight. There's also the 'plus side' of being amongst the beautiful outdoor scenery; even when  para-waiting. We all moan when it's not flyable, but the chances are that we have a stunning view out  in front of us. As I age the joy-factor of paragliding does diminish (to a certain extent), but mindfulness of the surroundings increases. Re. hours, my average over the last few years is about 12 hrs....I don't venture out anymore if it's marginal (too weak/too strong).
One thing I'm sure of though, is when your feet lift off the ground after launching all the memories of para-waiting etc drift away :) As Leonardo quoted ''ll always walk the earth with your head turned skyward'.

2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Viv's Blog 2017
« Last post by Chris Dusgate on November 15, 2017, 11:43:49 AM »
Please don't hang up your boots Viv, you've made real progress this year.
2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Viv's Blog 2017
« Last post by Vivien Biro on November 14, 2017, 13:48:47 PM »
 Summary of my flying year to date: 42 flights solo, 2 tandem. Airtime 18.5 hrs. Doesn't seem much in total, but the club trip abroad was the highlight of the year, giving me the confidence to push my boundaries on the new wing, learning that the lightweight kit narrows my launch window in the wind strength. With the weather patterns becoming more extreme perhaps due to global warming and my increasing age I wonder if it is time to hang up my boots and flog the lot.
2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Viv's Blog 2017
« Last post by Vivien Biro on October 10, 2017, 16:11:57 PM »
6th Oct. Rhosili. A half dozen flying above the ridge as I drive across the common, good sign methinks. Several more pilots on the pimple, I set up as they go off and after a couple of inflations I launch into a wing-stiffener of a breeze and buzz along to the campsite, then more slowly back to the cliffs as it's into wind. The tide is out and the air off the beach is buoyant although it's rather cloudy. Several more passes in front of the hill and a nice constant aspect approach to land precisely back where I started. 40 mins airtime, and as the wind increased most landed.
2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Nick's Airtime 2017
« Last post by Nick Roberts on October 09, 2017, 08:14:59 AM »

08/10/2017 - Fan G

No wind apparent when I left home at 11:30 but a nice day so I hiked up Fan G from the layby with a view to just gliding back down.  At the layby,  the sun had come out and it was quite a sweaty walk up with my distinctly unlightweight flying  kit! Up on the summit,  I met up with Dave Stein and with not a breath of wind, we chatted for a while......then it all clouded over ::) .

I took my time, getting set up for a forward launch.....meticulously laying out the glider in a halfmoon shape and waited for the sun to return.........and waited!   Some time later, with no sign of a return to sunshine,  I could feel a faint breeze on the back of my neck - a very light katabatic flow :o

With Dave's help, I moved the glider to another position to inflate along the slope and snapped a brake -fan line during inflation :o .  The line had snagged on a clump of grass and an inspection showed signs of wear but I knotted the line as a temporary measure and relaunched to fly down to the layby - a flight I always enjoy!  Gliding out over the Reservoir,  the water was like a sheet of glass with just a few ripples here and there - a sign of fish surfacing to catch flies :) .

Back home, I checked through my logbook.  Glider 3yrs and 3months old and 290 hours flown, hmm.....time to send it off for a Winter service methinks ;) .
2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: Nick's Airtime 2017
« Last post by Nick Roberts on October 06, 2017, 21:24:57 PM »

06/10/2017 - Rhossili

Well, there was certainly plenty of airtime to be had at Rhossili today!  Arrived at 11:00 and met Evan and Mark in the carpark and we made our way up the hill, arriving at the same time as a large group with Nick and Giselle's Pembrokeshire Paragliding.  The wind was light and northwesterly to begin with but the air was pleasantly thermic so it was possible to scratch and bob along to the north end of the hill.  Conditions seemed a bit light for the cliffs but with the tide out, I could not resist  for too long and was pleasantly surprised to find it nice and lifty flying out to the end and back :) .

After a quick lunch break, Evan and me took to the air on Nick B's Gin Beetle Tandem and enjoyed a good fly around as the wind kicked in from the west :) .  A second solo flight followed and with the wind increasing after 3 o'clock,  I worked my way up to 1600'+ above the beach :o and with such height to play with I  couldn't resist a glide over the back to Pilton Green alongside the main road (4 km).  I arrived with height to spare(next time Scurlage Sports Field!) and after an easy packaway on the dry grass, I walked to the roadside and met Steve Milson on his way home who kindly ran me back to the village :)

Great to see a good number of students/club members and visiting pilots on the hill.  A first class Rhossili day!

2017 Pilot Blogs / Re: SteveJ's flying diary 2017
« Last post by Steve Jones on October 06, 2017, 18:00:48 PM »
6 Oct 2017. Fri.  Mynydd Dinas
The sun was shining when I started walking up to TO, but disappeared shortly after, when I took off at 3pm-ish. The breeze was quite strong with only about 7 mph ground speed at times. Think I'd left it a bit late. Enjoyed 30 mins before attempting to fly to the beach as it seemed quite lifty, despite the strong headwind. Got to 600' ato above the hill before the attempt, but landed just short at Vivian Park 1.6 kms (1 mile) out in front. Maybe one day..........
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