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Wattsy's Flying antics!
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First day flying of the year!Plan was Rhosilli. Nights the night before, finished early, 2am instead of 6. Got down Rhosilli about Midday. After pulling up the Hill looked to be in Orographic. Rocked up the top to find completely in fog :-(. Had a good play around with the wing, first time out of the bag in two months! wow the wing is red, thought it was blue! LOL Ended up fed up of waiting for the Orographic to clear, walked down to the pimple. It was very light but there was a few who already taken off and were soaring the other side of the orographic. Decided to take off. Took of and was very surprised of good the lift band was considering how light the wind was on the pimple. Managed to practice a couple of small wingovers. fair play to Idris, Performing a SAT in a sleeping bag. Niceone. Stue kelly needed to go to work, so we decided to land on the beach and go for a pint. but as the lift was so good. we decided that the raised beach would be worth a go. So we lost our height and tried to have a go. Got down to height and there was no lift at all! lOL had to land, and we was quite a way from the steps, bunch up and go for a walk! Packed up, pint in the Worms head with Stu Kelly,Idris, Guy, Nice to see Shane and Daffyd. Sweet Start!

Total Time: 1Hr

Total for year: 1Hr
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