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MikeT's 2017 flights
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I arrived at the car park at the bottom of Fan G at for a pre arranged lift to the top with a helpful Chris Dusgate. David Stein was already there, so we donned matching club t-shirts to be transported in Chris's 4x4. A little shy of the top of the track we passed Rob Szarlat who had been walking for 75 minutes. He refused a lift for the remainder as he wanted the challenge, so we duly left him continue. Viv had some good thermic flights as it started switching to SW from SSW, but it was Nick Roberts who predictably got high first.  That was of course the last any of us saw of him and he landed North of Telford some 135km away six hours later! For us mortals, one good flight was cut short when we lost the thermal at about 1200' above launch, and then it was just a series of hops for a while. Eventually though Chris Dusgate found something out front and the rest of us scooted over to him ASAP. Chris, Steve W, Aaron, Jon Munro and I got high, with Jon opting to stay local as he had his family with him. At this point we split for a while until Aaron found a climb to base above the quarry at Heol Senni. I was lowest and therefore slowest to base, but I took my time as it meant I could watch how the guys faired as they left me in search of the next one. Chris and Aaron made a straight line glide to Brecon, with what looked like zero lift, whilst Steve took a much better line under some nice clouds in the flats to the North East. I decided Steve had the better idea, as by the time I was ready to leave he'd already found something else, whilst the others were straight lining it to the ground by the look of it. Them are the breaks. They landed a short time later at Brecon, so we'd lost the two of us who's found the first two climbs. Nick Roberts actually heard Aaron on the radio whilst on his epic journey north and we caught some garbled condolences from him, not realising at the time his far he was to travel. As for me I went from cloud to cloud, getting a little low south of Brecon until a sailplane passed by and marked a thermal which again took be to cloudbase. The clouds were very sucky up close, so I had to keep to the edges to avoid going inside, whilst I took in the peak of Pen y Fan 1700' below me to my South. I left what I thought was enough room under the next cloud, but this one had a good go at pulling me inside and I had to use Big Ears despite straight lining it underneath. I cut into its edge a little but never lost sight of the ground, and that saw me up to about 5500' and really enjoying myself. I bimbled East maintaining for a while without really having a good plan, and should have gone North over the flats to the West of Llamgorse lake, but indecision saw me low near a little valley I'd landed in on a flight from Hundred House on the BCC. Nothing really worked and like Aaron and Chris I succumbed to the inevitable, but not before I made a dash toward Talgarth, civilisation and mobile phone coverage! Spotting the shadow of a sailplane near by, I realised I was close to Talgarth Gliding club, so with thoughts that other pilots would more likely provide a retrieve I landed in the field next door. A lovely lady called Joan provide me with some warm lemonade, and I chatted to a glider pilot called Chris who did indeed offer me a lift to Brecon if I helped him pull the wings off his sailplane. As it happened Steve Watkins had landed 30 minutes earlier at his house in the town, and looked me up on Livetrack24. Shortly after I was on a retrieve with him and his mum Lynette as she drove us back to launch. I was at my Dad's in time for dinner and a chilled beer by 6pm. Perfect, and always fun to fly with the SWWSC crowd.
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