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Neil's flying diary.
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Seven Sisters.  Wednesday 18th April.

Funny old day, sat on the hill for ages with Steve Jones, the odd short flight before landing back on top as the wind dropped.
Nick appeared and was promptly up and away quickly followed by me.
Raced off ahead towards the cloud I could see building with birds circling under it only to see it vanish before my eyes as I got closer.
Glided onto the Rhigos ridge to find the wind at 900 to the slope.  Scraped around for a while above the trees before gravity won and a landing in the dustiest shitiest place I could find amongst the open cast coal machinery for 10k give or take.
Still at least the retrieve bit worked, driven back to the main road by one of the workers where Steve arrived within 1 minute.  (thanks).
Joe's ice cream on the way back.