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Crad's Flying Diary 2007
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17th June Moel Feity.
Well, it had to start somewhere I suppose.
Having returned some 5 weeks ago from a very enjoyable week in Algodonalles with Rob Mansley, CP in hand and some fantastic flights in the bank, I was ready to join Gareth D, Ivor J and Steve W in the skies above my home land.......... In fact the reality was crap weather or catching up on the dreaded workload!
Until today that is!!!! A previous trip to Moel Feity the week before, after a couple of phone calls to check the suitabillity of the site for my low hours and inexperience, had ended with me packing away in the rain after 1/2 hours ground handling and not enough confidence to launch.
But today was the day, having returned from the swimming pool (A father's day treat from my 3 sons?) I had noticed the promised southerly 6-8mph was in fact an easterly-ish so being fortunate enough to see Moel Feity and the surrounding area from home I decided to GO FOR IT!!!
All in all it was pretty uneventful, which I should be grateful for really.
A simple top to bottom to break my UK virginity. On reflection perhaps I should have been more patient and waited for a good day to fly with some experienced guy's?
I was very pleased to have had a  good clean launch and a nice spot landing not too far from where I wanted to be!!! And very grateful to Rob and Lee at Fly Spain for giving me the skills (Which I'm glad to say flooded back when required) and confidence to fly.
So there it is, a very short hop, but the first one is safely in the bank.
My thought for this evening......even the longest journeys start with just 1 step.