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Sky dancers sorties 2008
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May 5th Bryn Caws
Haven't flown this year so far, conditions and timing always seem to conspire to keep me out of the air, but finally got the chance to blow the cobwebs out of my zulu today.
A phone call to john Nash about 2:30pm informed me that conditions were quite light at Bryn Caws at that time but some flights had taken place and that there quite a few pilots on the hill, so i decided to have a look say hi to the guys and maybe get some air time.
By the time i got to the hill conditions had improved and there were half a dozen or so pilots in the air, so keen fellow that i am i said a quick hello unpacked my glider did a pre flight check clipped in and was in the air in next to no time, yes result, the air was quite buoyant with small thermals trickling through every now and then.
I worked the weak lift as best i could and managed to get about 430ft ATO which was about the limit on the day, but very enjoyable all the same, it was also nice to see Steve Milson with his school on the hill and a good time was had by all.
Some of the usual suspects were on hand, Nick R, John N, John M, Gareth Pa, Stevie G, Viv and i finally got to meet Andy H :-)
I had 2 flight of a total of 1 hour and ten Min's airtime and a great first flight for 2008 for me, i really need to get some more airtime before the trip to Slovenia next month.
See you all on the hill real soon, safe flying.