Author Topic: Thermal flying in Sopot Bulgaria  (Read 3007 times)


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Thermal flying in Sopot Bulgaria
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This is my fourth visit to Sopot having come here two years ago to try and get some flying experience. I left having got my ParaPro 3 and some truly awesome top to bottoms from "the big mountain'. Sherultz you are right, the local pilots are really good and mix in a lot of acro with XC flying. There again, they usually have the opportunity to fly most days as conditions are really good. Have been here for the past 11 days and apart from last Friday it has been continually flyable. Yesterday, five pilots launched in the middle of an afternoon thunderstorm and we all held our breath until they had landed safely. They certainly seem to push the envelope out a bit especially the Russians! As for my own flying, Iv'e been taking it easy and tend not to stay in what seem to me really strong thermals for long.  As soon as my feet start tingling, I get out as fast as I can. My wimp factor needs some serious attention! Local food is good, everyone is friendly, the chairlift costs less than 2 pounds. Weather too is fabulous at around 26-32degC with predictable SE winds until the evening when they turn northerly off the Balkans. Total flying time post C.P. 28hrs.