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Re: Crash&burn's Flying Diary 2008
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30th August - BCC Final - Gyrn Moelfre (N. Wales)

Altho' we had arranged to fly a Long Mynd Club site (Bache Hill) a motor ralley left us without a destination but the NE Wales Club came to the rescue by letting us fly the Gyrn SE bowl. The wind was actually at 230 degrees but the site was still working, tho' strong and turbulent early in the day.

Two groups managed to scrape over the back toward Llangollen while a few others slide off the eastern edge on a crosswind dash.
Best PG distance for the day was aroud 12-13km as they were getting drilled behind due to the wind flowing along the west to east along the valleys rather than on to the ridges. I only got 700-odd feet ATO / 2038 ft amsl so couldn't commit to going over but would've gone northeast at a grand ATO to get the 5km min distance and work it from there.

Still, a very enjoyable and unexpected day's flying finished off with a descent to the bottom landing field and a retrieve back to the hog roast and beer. Sunday was forecast good but turned out murky with light rain, so all headed home after a mid-morning gathering at Long Mynd. One of the northern clubs won again.


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Re: Crash&burn's Flying Diary 2008
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NantyMoel - Sat 26th July

After a two week break to give my broken tail-bone some time to recover, I had plans to join Sheryl and the others at Merthyr - but after talking to Mark Harris on the phone who had already been to base three times and landed by the Wyndham pub in NYM, I headed there instead, not really feeling strong enough to do any flying but with the rig in the car just in case.

After setting up the wind died on me, but I waited patiently and joined Mark on the last flight of the day. It was pretty weak on take-off, so we both headed east over the gully to tap into the warm scree slope below the old quarry. After an initial climb, Mark pointed back to take-off and duly set off back. I made the mistake of taking an extra beat, then spent the next ten minutes trying to get enough height to make it back to the others. Finally I resigned to making enough height to land on the flat area above the quarry by a couple of old felled telegraph poles. The walk back wasn't too painful but, all the same, Mark drove along the track to pick me up half way. What a star! :wink:

NantyMoel - Sunday 27th July

With my enthusiasm for flying fully restored, I decided to make a day of it. With Sheryl's crew walking up the hill at Talybont, I decided to stick to NYM. Unfortunately conditions were rather fickle with the wind mostly south and sometimes south-east, and all flights by everyone were short and sweet. Good strong lift when it came through, but not enough wind to ridge soar in between cycles - all my landings were slope jobs just below take-off height as it wasn't possible to get back on top once it switched off each time. Hard work but enjoyable, capped off with a free meal and ice-cold Stella down at the Wyndham in the early evening.


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Re: Crash&burn's Flying Diary 2008
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Merthyr - Sunday 13th July

On the first flight of the day, myself and another pilot got caught in sink straight after launch as we were heading back in to the ridge. The airflow was down the slope and we both banked hard left to avoid the rock buttress rushing up from below. I was not so lucky and took a hard impact to the base of my harness. Landing just yards from the other chap, we both noted the reversed airflow. Just as well I didn't put my feet down as this would've unloaded the glider and thrown me off the front. I've learnt another very valuable lesson about a site I've been flying for years. This time I did get minor bruising, but know it could've been a lot worse. :cry:

Flew again in the afternoon, having given myself a few hours to recover from my blow, but the bruising made balancing in the harness uncomfortable work, especially when hunting down bits of lift. Met up with Chris Dusgate, Steve and Andy - Chris & Steve demonstrating how to get away but nowhere in particular to go after, so Chris tells me.

Lots of paragliders, a few hanggliders and Cossack the Steppe Eagle all fighting for a perch in the lift band. French, Poles and Englanders amongst the assembled rabble. A pleasant day - without the crash it would've been even better. :-D
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Crash&burn's Flying Diary 2008
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BCC Round - Hundred House Sunday 15th June '08

The forecast was for conditions to improve later in the day so a leisurely start ensued with breakfast at the Honey Pot cafe in Bronllys.

When we arrived at the hill it was still too strong to launch, tho' Jeremy Williams and myself started setting out our rigs before the main briefing. After another hour (say midday) people started to launch. Mark Pearson (acting leader for SEWales Dragons in Sheryl's absence) landed to advise me to stay on the deck for the time being as it was very snotty in the twisted thermals coming through. Even kites and seagulls were taking a battering in the diagonal climbs.

By 12:45 with the first pair away and most flying the ridge, I could wait no longer - but then spent the next hour clipped in with my wing anchored by the D's waiting for the wind on launch to drop. At 1:45 I finally got airbourne in the first window that came along.

Got to around 1000' ATO a couple of times but no higher until nearly 4pm when I finally topped out at 3544' AMSL under a blue thermal after Andy Brazier joined me for the climb. With the lift replaced by sink and both of us already over the valley running down out of the back, he went left and I went right, hoping to track crosswind out of the valley and reach a good looking cloud that may have kept me near to cloudbase for the drift downwind. However the sink had other ideas and I ended up just 4km back from take-off but out of the lee, landing at half a metre per second backwards. Did a quick belly skud for twenty feet as I hauled one end of the wing in. Apparently, Andy didn't get much further himself.

I did encounter a couple of snotty climbs in my quest to get high, but they were just slightly stronger than what I'd encountered in Italy - the real difference was that I was much closer to the ground here ( :evil: like 2000' closer !!) and potentially doing damage to myself. Still it was good training for better days. 8-)