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Jared1199's Flying diary
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Having finally achieved my CP after possibly the worst 15 months of flying weather in both the UK and France. I awaited my 'first time out' with both nervousness and excitement. I had previously made a deal with myself that whatever the weather, if there was no one out flying then I would never fly alone or be the first off the hill. I have learnt a great deal from just watching and it is my intention to keep watching and learning for a long time to come  8-)
Anyway, after working on some of the nicest flying days of this year, I watched the weather forecasts for today with interest and flicked between BBC weather, XC weather and more. I then went outside and watched the sky and the clouds and deduced that, as people in the shout box had prophesised, Bryn Caws may be working so I grabbed my wing and made my way to BC. Upon arrival, things were looking good - there were a few trainees in a lower field practising forward launches and there were 5 gliders in the air, ridge soaring quite nicely. I scrambled up to T.O and measured the windspeed - a steady 15mph - maybe a tad too strong for my first time solo but enough to have a play ground handling. After sorting a few issues with my tangled risers and giving the wing a thorough check over - this was the first time I had managed to unravel my wing fully and revel in its glory! After having another careful look at the sky and seeing what was happening - there were a few Cu nimb clouds a fair bit to the north but everything including the other people in the air, looked and felt good. I thought that there may be a few thermals around and at this stage in my rather brief flying career, and after having felt the effects of a very small thermal whilst in training, i didnt fancy flying in thermals just yet so i decided to ground handle only, so without further ado, I put on my helmet, got into my rather comfy Supair harness and reversed launched the wing. The wind felt good, the handling felt good and after double and triple checking everything was ok and feeling confident in how the wing was handling I decided to turn and face front and get a feel for the wing. Everthing still felt good until after about a minute I felt the wing fall a little behind me as the wind died off, I raised my hands to allow the glider to come back over my head which it did no problem, but then I felt the wind pick up - having been to Merthyr last week with Steve Millson (a top bloke!) I instantly thought that a thermal may be coming through, I wasn't quick enough to react and collapse my wing and I was lifted ever so gently off my feet. I rose about 10 feet in the air (which felt pretty smooth to be honest) and began moving forwards. I remained in a prone position as I didn't feel ready for a) Flying in thermals b) Flying (especially as my speed bar has not been attached - I was going to ask one of the other pilots to give me a hand fitting it after they landed) After travelling a short distance - not even the the edge of the hill, I touched down gently. I pulled my risers to my waist to collapse my wing and tried to twist to face the wing but was lifted again a little off the floor before landing and making a unceremonious collapse and twist.
I instantly bunched my wing up and ended up speaking to a few other guys who had landed owing to the thermic activity - apparently one of them had still been travelling straight up even with the ears on!  :-o I asked a few of them if they were in a position to help with attaching my speed bar but one said he was no good at knots and asked one of the other guys on my behalf - I think the other person was a CFI from the MOD who said that he didn't wish to be responsible should I have an accident or problems with the speed bar - completely understandable but I really wouldn't sue!!! (the UK is really getting far too 'Americanised' for my liking - people suing each other for silly things).
Not wishing to take the chance of being lifted with no speed bar and not wishing to get in the air as I could see the weather changing, I packed my glider away and made my way back down the hill and home. Just before leaving the farm, I bumped into Nick Roberts on his way up, spoke to him briefly and wished him all the best.
Total flying time - 0 hours (no rush - I have a lifetime!)
Experience gained - immeasurable
Enjoyment - A1 - just being on the hill, surounded by nature and watching the weather - perfect!
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