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Full Version: Neil's flying diary.
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Merthyr.  Tuesday 8[sup]th[/sup] August. 

Launched at Merthyr with Chris D, Ivor and Gareth about 1.00pm.
Quick and easy first climb with about 8 other gliders.  Slow drift over the paragliding school training on Bedlinog before slowly losing height and struggling along for about 10k with very Little height to play with.
Took a more northerly track than Chris and Gareth finally climbing well at Varteg to enjoy the view gliding onto the flatlands.  Easy to find plenty of working clouds which strangely seemed to be pushing in from the Severn Estuary at 90[sup]0[/sup] to the prevailing wind.
Didn't make base until Monmouth (4800 amsl) where I was joined by a white aspen from the original gaggle who had also taken a more southerly track. 
Got totally thrashed near Cinderford and lost nearly 500ft trying to make the Sigma fly properly again, flew out of lift to settle the heart rate and found myself in the sea air pushing in from the estuary.
Glided on to Churcham business park for a backwards landing next to the A40 for 71.3k
First XC this year owing to the restraints of my baby daughter and a new personal best to top it off.
Thanks to Chris and Steve for orchestrating the retrieve.