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Full Version: Nick Roberts' Flying Diary 2007
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I was on my way up to Rhiw Wen this afternoon but cloudbase looked a bit low and the wind was coming from the northwest so I thought I'd checkout Seven Sisters. I was pleased to find the access track through Banwen to be open and clear.  The wind at the takeoff was quite strong but manageable.  I flew around for a while in smooth dynamic lift with some weak thermic activity and just when I was about to call it a day, a weak cloudstreet appeared and I was able to fly upwind to cloudbase over the town at 2800' ( on my shiny and new Omega 7!) then down the valley almost as far as Crynant and then back to takeoff.  A nice mini-triangle!  Never done that here before - pity I didn't have my camera with me!   :-D
Hardly any wind apparent today but cloud drift from the north and dry so I went for a walk up Fan G with my old Sigma 4. A nice breeze on t.o. at 15:45, so lobbed off and soared around for a while in the big bowl.  The air seemed remarkably lifty and I could cruise around at 500' ato.  Then after about 30mins; without warning the air became slightly disturbed, then the wind increased but the lift deteriorated and I found myself pinned at ridge height!  At this point, I decided to fly down to the carpark which took about 10 minutes gliding into a stiff wind.  Landed at the bottom in...nil wind!
Strange but true!

Conclusion - some sort of "out of phase wave" effect    :?
Well Nick if you don't know then I'm not going to tell you. (As I haven't got a clue!)

Glad you're getting some flying in, hopefully the good weather will last until the weekend so I can get to fly.

I think Lletty Siac was the only place flyable in the SWWSC area today.  It was nice to get up to cloudbase and waft around for a while.  Not much doin' over the back though - too much cloud.  Much more wind than expected..... a bit too much really.  Still - thermic days are here again.  Roll on British Summer Time!  :-D
A nice day up at Heol Senni on saturday but conditions were far from classic.  The wind coming up the  Senni Valley from the northeast was being chopped up by a stronger northerly breeze aloft.  This made for a rather gnarly sheer layer a few hundred feet above takeoff and also some very lumpy air in front of the northend of the ridge.  Up aloft the wind was quite brisk and the thermals were I think being broken up by the shear layer(this is my theory anyway!).  Cloudbase too was low at about 3500' amsl.  I declined to go XCover the back, opting instead to use the broken scraps to push a few km into wind towards Defynnog.

Good to see a few gliders out on the hill(9 in all).  :-)
A long wait up on top of Fan G yesterday.  Hardly a breath of wind until about 16:00 when the heat started to release.  Phil Cunningham and myself enjoyed a nice evening waftabout after everyone else had lost patience(or run out of time) and flown down.  Looks pretty similar for today so plenty of parawaiting in store but hey... in this weather, there's no better place to be.  :-)
Fan G again today.  Arrived late at takeoff due to heavy workload.  Strange conditions on the south west side.  The sky looked great but the thermals on the hill were like little bullets and were barely workable. It felt as though the sea air had moved in( Is this what climate change has brought us, I mused?). After about half an hour of this, I landed to take a break but noticed that Ivor was going up steadily a little further around to the west.  Worth a look I thought!  I launched again and flew across to the mother of all thermals.  It seemed as though the whole valley had released its heat. We were propelled to 5500' and off we went with a westerly drift. Found only weak stuff thereafter but enjoyed a good waftabout over Pen y Fan in restitution then flew out to Brecon for a nice landing in the park at 17:40.

Looks like it could be a Tal y Bont day tomorrow!    :-)
Yesterday - went to Tal y Bont with Steve J.  Flew for a while but not very good really.  Too much cloud spreadout.  To be fair - cloud spreadout was forecast as a possibility and when cloud spreadout is forecast, then it invariably occurs here.  Smoke fires also spoiled the views. So all in all pretty crap really......especially compared with Ffarmers where a certain Mr Parsons scored 120 league points with an impressive FAI triangle flight.  Well done that man! 
Rhiw Wen today - Milky blue conditions.  Some nice flying but quite breezy at height and thermals choppy at times.  Four club members out flying(me, Steve J,  Paul H and John Pope).  A few RAF jets came through the valley but thankfully stayed outside our notamed 1nm rad exclusion zone!  :-)
yesterday - Seven Sisters was working rather nicely when I arrived.  Thermalled away from the hill with Neil. Looked potentially great but  the seabreeze coming up the Neath Valley put the Kibosh on the Rhigos ridge.  Neil went down over the Opencast and I too was heading down towards Glynneath when I managed to catch hold of something kicking off the upwind edge of the Opencast.  Very patient flying was the order of the day and I landed at 17:40 in Blackwood.  The seabreeze had pushed right up the valleys which would perhaps be expected in June or July but April?
Got back to the car at 21:30 after two bus rides, two lifts and a walk in the forest.
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