Full Version: RHOSSILI - (Hill WSW to WNW) (Cliffs NW to N)
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Google Map Link - https://goo.gl/maps/iyxzXW8xH7YzunTk8

Wind direction : Cliffs NW to N
Wind direction : Hill WSW to WNW

TO height a.m.s.l. : Pimple 400ft, Top 600ft
  • Rhossili is owned by the National Trust and is a very sensitive site. It has been voted the best beach in the UK 2010. It is a very popular site to fly especially from visiting pilots who may not be aware of the site rules.
  • Visiting Pilots must visit the National Trust Shop, show their BHPA membership cards, sign in & pay the £2 fee - before you fly
  • The raised beach, as shown in the diagram, is strictly a no landing or no launch area. There is no excuse for landing on the raised beach as a vast beach lies in front with plenty of room.
  • You must not fly when orographic cloud is forming on the hill.If you are in the air when it starts to form, you should land as quickly & safely as possible.
  • This site is a beautiful coastal site, but not without hazards. If you are unsure - seek advice from an Instructor or Coach
  • The beach should be used as a landing area, obviously taking care on busy days when there will be many visitors on the beach. The first 1/3rd of the beach tends to be the busiest.
  • In case of emergency Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

How to get there
From M4 J42 take the A483 into Swansea then follow the A4067 along the seafront towards Mumbles. 2km before Mumbles turn right onto the B4436 following the signs for South Gower. Turn right at Pennard Church and then, after 1km turn left onto the A4118. Follow this road all the way to Scurlage then turn right for Rhossili on the B4247.

Landowner and site fee

The National Trust are the owners and custodians of the hill, the beach and the cliffs.
The South West Wales Soaring Club pays an annual premium to the Trust for a permit to fly here. In addition, all visiting pilots who are not members of the SWWSC are required by the Trust to pay a day fee of £2.00 at their shop and visitor centre which is situated just beyond the main car park. You will also be expected to show your BHPA membership card.


When paying at the shop, visiting pilots must sign the book. Copies of the site rules are available at the shop if required.
Park only in the designated carparks.
The access lane to the hill must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.
There is to be no flying when orographic cloud is forming on the hill.
SWWSC Members may be asked to produce their BHPA & Club membership cards

Potential Hazards
During morning and evening high tides the tide comes in very quickly to leave the beach mostly underwater.
Pilots must take care not to drift back into the lee of the north end of the hill where turbulence may be encountered.
Pilots must endeavour not to get blown back when flying along the cliffs. Severe turbulence occurs in the lee of the cliffs.
The slope is covered in brambles, gorse and thick bracken so slope landing is best avoided.
Whilst, as a coastal site, the expectation is that it a benign site, it is not. There have been many incidents, if you are unsure/inexperienced, please seek advice from an Instructor or Coach.

Take Off and landing
There are two dedicated takeoff areas: one at the pimple and one at the top of the hill near the trig point. Use only these areas for taking off and top landing.
Pilots must not take off or land on the raised beach(the grassy plateau at the base of the hill); it is an area of Special Scientific Interest.
Taking off or landing on the cliffs is not permitted. The cliffs can be flown by taking off and landing on the pimple. Bottom landing can be anywhere on the beach but pilots must be aware of the public when coming in to land.
Use only the recognised footpaths when returning from the beach to the hilltop.

Site Comments

A premier coastal site situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Limited XC potential.
Lots of alternative things to see and do.