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11th April. Fan G. Arrived to see 3 going over the horizon. Nick inflated and ready to go. Missed the XC clinic, but keep under the cloud street seemed to be the thing to do. Too light to launch, didn't fancy the walk up the face today!  Nice reverse launch and a beat or two shows everyone walking up the hill with kit. Sure enough I get nice lift at the ends of the ridge, but inevitably the force of gravity wins.  I head for the layby, and see it's the wrong one, drift along the roadside as far as I can, and land nicely in a lovely clear green soft bit. 15 mins. Pack up and follow the road to the bridge, stash the glider bag and walk up the "short" way. Newborn lambs are frisking, and the lush Welsh Blacks look particularly appealing. So glad I stopped smoking. And am not carrying the glider! A lovely walk.
12th April. Fan G. Sky greying up, wind light and variable, we start from a new place for me, the southwest face. Reverse launch 3pm, instant climb and nice height gain, I s about in front of launch and turn towards anyone going up. Not quite sure whether to push out over the valley or stay around the hill, it's active flying all right, then the sun pops behind a cloud and I sink back to a slope landing below launch. 5 mins. It's so steep and the wind catches my mushroom and wraps it over my head. Out comes the stuffsack and I win this wrestling match. 4pm and it's good to go. Reverse launch, fast lift and see the others well back and high. I go to join them but as I go downwind at an alarming speed feel that it's too much rock n roll, whooshing down to land by the vehicles. 10 mins. Saves a long carry back I s'pose. It might have been the effect of the wind whipping round that side of the hill. I walk back unencumbered to take some pics for Tom G. It's gone smooth and the boys have a nice play about. Another beautiful sunset.
18th April Abernant. A nice little local site, odd smell coming off the methane dump. Very light. Waited til the hottest part of the day, groundhandling etc. 3 tiny reverse launches, drift more than lift, and 3 top landings. 5 mins airtime.
19th April.  Heol Senni. A slowly lifting inversion across the valley, light on top, but cooking up nicely. Reverse launch about 2pm, very lifty in front of t.o. A great time in fairly active air, sink below t.o 'cos I'm too far out, come back in for a scratch up, nice climb at the bowl end, push out at height over the valley, then drift back to the face to top up. Top landing is difficult as there is much lift on approach, so fed up of keeping going round I head for the car for a cuppa. Drape the wing over a gorse bush on landing, and find a small tear as I pack up.  Thanks Nick for repair. An hour and a half. I trudge all the way up again only to find everyone on their last ditch launch of the day. I miss my window to Alpine lauch, it goes katabatic, and I grumpily trudge back down. We try a new bar on the way home, the Pen y Cae. Highly suitable for social evenings, exceptional standards, great choice of beers, and a special surprise out the back.
21st April.  Rhosili. 10-15mph. A sea breeze forming over the horizon. A bit southerly. Paul Williams is lobbing students off. Reverse launch and away, bimble along and climb, see where the lift band is today, plenty of room for us all. The weather is coming in from the sea, and we are sucked up into the edge of the orografic mist. It's rare to see the actual movement of the air as you move through it, and it looks and feels a lot faster than at launch. I see the others landing, and follow suit, landing accurately on pimple, not too near the barbed wire that is. 45 mins of action. People agree that it's the weather. After a chat and warm up groundhandling, they all launch again.  Not wanting to miss my window, I reverse launch in a somewhat brisk style and play some more, 30mins, 'til I notice the speedbar line wrapped around the reserve pouch attachment. Pimple land for swift readjustment, and debate the weather some more.  It seems a shame to pack up yet, but the weather is not going to improve. Reverse launch, it's a bumpy ride, and I settle for a 5 min t.t.b. After my ungraceful pimple landings, I land beautifully by the steps on the beach. Shame no-one saw it. Thanks D.T. for your useful observations.
30th April Rhosili. 9-12mph, WSW but coming round. 6pm reverse launch, bit of a struggle getting into the seat, must hang it up for adjustment today. Using a white mare for a reference I climb and beat about the edge of the orografic mist for 1 hr, perfect pimple land and collapse. It's gone a bit light and overcast, but finally reverse launch, climb up a bit and lose it, climb more, and after 15 mins another beautiful landing and collapse in front of my harshest critics. A feelgood day with just a few members out.
2nd May. Rhosili. Light and variable. Lots parawaiting. I suffer performance anxiety in front of some schoolchildren, and tremble behind my wall. Reverse launch 1st go from top, trampling daintily over some guys wing as I go, sorry! 2 hrs active fun in the generously wide liftband today, nice controlled pimple land. Everyone has a good window to improve their skills, all abilities are here. Lots of tricks and stunts on display.  Reverse launch late afternoon, thermals banging off the sunlit face. At the far end I find it difficult to move out, going backwards in the freshening breeze. Speedbar on, lose height quicker but stop going back, landing options are track or gorse, I miss by a few feet, glad I'm wearing thick clothes! 1 hr was enough. Enjoy the hike along the ridge, nicely worn out.
24th May. Fan G. WSW Light with thermic cycles. Goundhandling and general faffing around. Decided to leave excess baggage on launch and travel light today. Must top land for vehicle. Tom goes as wind dummy, he's large so I figure I can stay up too. Reverse launch, close call with Nick's wing laid out nearby, and a good 10 mins practising scratching up as close to the hill as I dare, get above t.o a couple of times, it's quite rocky on the lower slope so I push out over the fields for a more level landing. Lightweight is the best thing on a steep climb. The birdsong is the only thing for miles. Apart from the new tea wagon in the top layby.
30th May. Abernant.  Reverse launch, 20 mins and topland, reverse launch, another 20 mins and topland. Thanks guys for your words of encouragement.
31st May Abernant. Late afternoon reverse launch, a lazy beat along the top, making a turn I sink over the power lines in front and decide to slope land nicely. Try to kite back to top, it's the hottest day of the year and in sup'air trousers it's meltdown.  I wait patiently halfway up and am rewarded by a large thermal, reverse launch into the quickening gust, crab up away from the lines, over launch where I see everyone slope landed too, at the bowl there is enormous lift, climb smoothly, they launch and we all circle up in a great fat column. They peel off into the sun, the next time I spot them they are receding dots. Land by Nasher, reverse launch and head for the cars for a downwind plf, quick pack up, thanks guys,  and retrieve the XC'ers. 45 mins.
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