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1st June. Heol Senny.  A bit gusty on arrival,  late afternoon reverse launch and play for a good 40 mins, with a small crowd of now familiar faces.  Over the valley there is great height.  I get blown back and have to stand on speedbar for what seems like ages, peep round and see someone behind me in my wake.  It's a bit scary at times and I head for the landing field but can't descend 'cos there's lift all over the place. Ian lands in the smoother trainee's landing field, away from the gorse. Good idea, I drift forever before a perfect touchdown.
2nd June. Heol Senny.  Less windy than yesterday. Reverse launch from the shelf at the start of the cycle, have to stay close to climb, it's smooth enough but after 25 mins I get too far out and sink low, so make a nice constant aspect approach, and land accurately by the cars.  It's gone very light so I don't bother climbing back up.
13th June. Fan G. Arrived midday to a SW breeze, trudged across to a smooth place on a shelf below the top.  Andyh went as wind dummy from the top, and the others were below on the steep rocky part.  A practice inflation had me dancing down the hill and launched over their disbelieving faces. 5 mins of beating about avoiding Andy, then I see him slope land.  I try scratching up but slope land above him in the now gusty conditions.  After a few hours watching the weather I come to the conclusion that it's too much for me, and retire to the car for a cuppa.
15th June. Rhosili. Very light at 6pm. Had to reverse launch from the gully by pimple. Scratch around for 30 mins, overshoot the pimple and land in field by gate. Just 4 club members today.

14th June NantYMoel. Reverse launch and play for 25 mins. Top land behind t.o. where my mushroom fills up, it's like looking down a donut, and the freshening breeze keeps me earthbound, a call from Nick in Monmouth and off I go on retrieve, it's a nice drive out.
16th June. Nantymoel. Arrive midafternoon, 3 reverse launches, first flight 30 mins, slope land nicely at end by gully and walk back. 2nd go along the whole face of the ridge for 15 mins and land perfectly by t.o.  Last go 15 mins, moving further out over the valley and darting across the gully before the breeze goes off, and C-stall on landing by t.o. Changeable weather, pack up and put the bags away just before dewpoint and a spot of rain.
24th June. Abernant. Warm and active. Reverse launch 12.30 in a lull, and a good hour of ridge soaring with Francois and Gerry, gradually moving out over the dump as we gain height, the farmer is ploughing nearby fields so huge bubbles take us almost to cloudbase, Francois disappears to the north and assures us on radio he's landed ok and will be back, Gerry slope lands across the gully and I have the whole sky in which to practice keeping the wing stable in the hottest part of the day. Pendulum stability? Perhaps I should put the bag in back for extra weight. Topland nicely and regroup, reverse launch for another half hour, it's picking up and I see Nick's car approaching from the distance, try as I might I cannot land by t.o, so put down further along and walk back. I feel it's too strong now, pack up and prepare to go on retrieve in case Nick goes XC, and then unpack again to reverse launch after him, 20 mins of active fun, there's no catching him up, so I land. We see his tracklog in the pub, nice!
27th June. Fan G.  Arrive midafternoon, reverse launch in very light gusts, 5 mins desperate scraping and bottom land on south face meadow, long walk back to car, glad I took  flask of tea. 5 mins of fun is better than no fun at all.
28th June. Bryncaws. Arrive aound 2pm, a good show of faces out.  Parawait for a good while, finally reverse launch and drift up and along the ridge, sinking and climbing until a lull below the north end dips me over the field, and a nice long glide to a standing landing in the lower landing field, thanks to Nick for retrieve, a gent. 25 mins in quite bobbly conditions, then the cool gust brought a spot of rain, so game over for today.
36 hrs airtime this year so far, 50 last year. All pilot tasks achieved, except the exam.
10th July. Rhosili. Arrive midafternoon to see a dozen up already.  I rig up as quickly as I can, a couple of inflations, finally Norris pushes me off, it's a bit light, I scratch up to top and feel a spot of rain, then everyone already up goes to land. I drift on towards the campsite but turn back before I get to the end as the rain is heavier than at first, the wing feels different. I have loads of height, but don't want to pull the ears in case she sticks shut. Speedbar works until I get near the pimple, then s off till I can line up.  Francois grabs my heel, I don't flare hard enough, and we end up draped over the gorse.  She is soaking wet and takes 2 days to dry out. 10 mins
25th July. Rhosili. Got delayed by a caravan in the lanes en route, went round the north side after a long wait. Lines in a terrible knot after hastily packing up last time, Paul H is most helpful. Reverse pimple launch at 11.30, a slow scratch up to top, then cross the bowl for a glide to the campsite. This is the first time out with a footrest.  The wind is a bit variable today. Can't seem to get out from the hill. On the return leg I am pinned for a bit, then with horror I realise I am going backwards. This is not the first time  this has happened here.  Too low to pull ears in or stand on speedbar, so a nice controlled dump in the heather by the track. Nasher explains that on a day like today it's better to stay well out of the compression zone and cruise the beach. 10 mins.
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