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2nd Aug. Rhosili.  Reverse pimple launch at 10.50. A good hour exploring the width of the liftband, and the length of the ridge.  Hunger forces me to land and go for breakast. The Surf Shack now has a computer link to weather pages, handy for latest conditions. It's a real pleasure to walk up the hill with no burden. By the time I rig up again all the others have landed, so not wishing to fly alone I pack up and go to the pub. The 2 Pauls go, but the others decide it's flyable and go back up. I follow hopefully, but it's too strong and southerly.  I inflate, dance around to Kim's amusement, I think it's too much pilot input, and fly like a stone into the bushes in front.  The photographer rushes over, not to help, but to take photos of my plight! Strange one, when I don't want or need help I have blokes taking it upon themselves to grab my edge to pull it out when I am trying to practise groundhandling, then when I obviously need a hand to get out from the bushes they stand around gawping! Stevie G explains that I am banned from the Alicante trip because I'm a girl, and people will touch my stuff abroad.  It's different when you are in a queue on a narrow t/o abroad, and the glider isn't brand new anymore, but I don't fancy Santa Pola anyway, it's too dog-visited by the residents adjoining t/o.
5th Aug. Nant y Moel. 6.15pm. Light wind. Reverse launch 2nd go from the flatter part.  A good 35 mins soaring above (and below) the ridge, pushing across the gap to the bowl on the left, and finally slope land by t/o. I have made bigger traverses this time. Top of the stack at one point! The views in the evening sun are beautiful.
6th Aug. Rhosili. Reverse pimple launch in light wind at 2.15 pm. 40 mins boat about, and nice accurate landing. Reverse launch at 3.15, the wind stronger by now, good groundhandling practice! 1 hour and 30 mins of seeking lift had me almost to cloudbase, going out over the pub and surf, and the campsite. Landed a little too far back, dropped wing into ferns and dung-dipped my sleeve. The sky has a milky veil of cloud. Last flight 30 mins.
8th Aug. Rhosili. 11.30 am reverse pimple launch in almost perfect conditions, 2 hrs scratching and climbing, the purple and yellow heather is particularly outstanding today, circling in the 3 hotspots to great height for fantastic views to the horizon, a lovely landing, comfort break and chat, 22 up today, busy sky. Reverse launch, 1 hr and a perfect beach landing nearest to steps. A chivalrous Italian carries my bag up and is rewarded with a tandem flight by Stevie G. Reverse launch, 1 hr, a less elegant but safe landing in intended spot.  44 hrs 35 mins airtime this year.
9th Aug. Rhosili. Reverse launch in light wind, one pass along to the campsite and a slow glide down to a beach landing. 10 mins. Reverse launch later, and 1hr 15 mins of lifty fun, not too busy. Lovely sky, wisps of cloud dampening my cells. Accurate pimple land, dewpoint approaching, and another beautiful sunset in the pub.
11th Aug. Rhosili. Reverse launch at 1.35, 1 h and 15 mins of increasing breeze, blown back and land safely in field behind t/o. Too windy to continue, Francois and Chris having hairy moments.
13th Aug. Rhosili. 6pm perfect Reverse launch, instant lift and untwist as we go, the parawait is worth the wait, a smooth wide fly out to previously uncharted points of reference, completely empty beach in August. The tide is out in the estuary. Sheer bliss for 1 h 25 mins, blown back over the pimple and c-stall for a nice landing in the field behind.  The sweetest, kindest and funniest pilots in the Worm's Head. Over 100 hrs airtime now.
17th Aug. Rhosili. 4.30pm reverse pimple launch, great lift and 2 hrs of active fun, cautious swingovers, need positive input, nothing scary on my DHV 1.  A fern landing.
7th Sept.  Nant-y-Moel. Warm and humid, a bit off the hill. Reverse launch 3rd go, help and advice from Ginge, very busy here today, joint services and two dealers, 20 mins cautious scratching and gradual climb, edge out over gap and back, another beat has me high over the trees, a sudden lightening in one wing and drop, pump and rustle, and carry on until the wind drops and we mostly all land, me on the slope and a hot walk up it is. Pilot lecture from Nick.
9th Sept. Heol Senni. Arrived late afternoon, several up and a nice cycle has us climbing over the quarry and soaring out over the valley in huge pockets of lift as the swiftly moving clouds cast their shadows across the vast landscape, not that I have much time to admire the view, the higher I go the more active it gets, speedbar on but still climbing, boat back towards launch and play nearer the hill, eventually get blown over the back and accurately land before the treeline. Another reverse launch later and the wind has picked up, I feel like a dandelion seed, pockets of sink and canopy rustle, time to make for the landing field methinks, but no, this time I head off beyond the quarry and land in the field. Nice walk, mostly downhill. Bit boggy there. 1 hour of scary fun.
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