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8th Oct. Heol Senni.  Arrive around 16.00, just missed the flypast at low level. People are leaving, having had nice fly's. Trudge up to find nil wind, set up anyway for an Alpine launch test launch on the Zulu.  Nice launch in the merest tickle of a breeze, a pass over the Boys practicing tandem and a fast nil wind landing by cars, scrape a bush with airbag and run a bit. Must take a wrap methinks..nice but quick, 2 mins t.t.b.
10th Oct. Rhosili. Reverse pimple launch in a fresh breeze, after a couple of inflations, and play nicely for 1hr 25 mins in a busy sky, nearly was the jam in the sandwich but we all turned out to sea, forgot to take that wrap on landing and drops her in the ferns after a little run, nice. It's too windy for a while, then a skippy launch and away to the end for fabulous views of the estuary. Plenty of room now, I try a bigears using the loops, let go and they stay in until I weightshift, and as the sun slips toward the horizon it's 25mph at t.o. and I go for a lower landing, nice approach and a last minute tuck in tiny rotor has me in the "winter" field. Rob thought I had pulled the ears, not so close to the ground I wouldn't! Nice controlled landing and collapse. 1hr 20 mins.
16th Oct. Heol Senni. Achieve summit quite late, wind whipping round the side and after some faffing around reverse launch and have a cautious boat about, climb to spectacular views in the sunset, a good circuit staying well in front today, and reluctantly approach landing nicely, last minute hand signals from the ground are confusing, should I steer over there? I make a last circle and find I'm a bit too low to complete the 360, it's nil wind by there and a downwind landing in Ben's green patch, mash a molehill with the airbag to save my legs, nice plf which I have been practising, and pick the lines out the thistles. I feel like a beginner on the new Zulu, and resolve to do some groundhandling with her tomorrow..30 mins
17th Oct. Heol Senni. 0-5mph with the odd gust coming through, wind variable, my planned groundhandling abandoned, reverse launch in the cycle, and round the bowl, gain height, out into the valley til I sink, then scoot back to the hill for a top-up in the lift, and go for another circuit, I am behind CD when he turns out from the face, I am lower but climbing and don't want to overtake so close to the hill, so I turn out too, plop out of the liftband and fly down the path to land nicely by cars. 8 mins.
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