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Full Version: Stevie G's Log Book 2009
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Stevie G

My friends in europe ask me why Im not flying? I say what do you mean?... We dont read you on your blog no more... mmm I thinks, didnt know so many people abroad are interested in our club... best to keep it up then, they'r all gonna be comin over soon and there gonna luv it....

Iv been too busy to fly... but thats all about to change...

9/1/09... Bryncaws. SE 16mph... cold...flew 1hr 336ato...
15/2/09. Rhossili. WSW 15-18mph, 7c.. good to start getting stronger... flew 1hr 1000ft asl..
19/2/09. Rhossili. WNW 14-18mph, 8c.. flying oragraphic.. 45mins... 850ft asl..
21/2/09. Rhossili. WSW 12-19mph, 12c.. increasing breeze... lots in the air friends and visiters.. some get blown over the back..all safe.. 1.10hrs.. 980asl...
1/3/09. Rhossili. W 14-18mph, 14c...another increasing breeze day...40mins..1050asl...
16/3/09. Van G. SW 7-14mph, 15c... just scratching around... nice to see old faces.. 40mins.. 325ato..
17/3/09. Bryncaws. SE 14-20mph, 15c...Sring thermals are here, good to see Nick back in the air and Paraventure... well done to Chris for gettin up there to and really pushing out, the thermals got up to bout 850ft p/m, I only got to 1600ft ato, great flight for 1.20hrs...
Hey Stevie, nice little write up mate, still lookin forward to bein a SAT passenger!!!!
Cookie got more airtime yesterday than I got all week!!
Nice one mate, I am jealous at you getting to fly, let alone flying so well!!!
What does 30c mean? Does that mean that the rain is warm???
Hey mate I had almost an hour at Merthyr on the way home, was a bit scratchy.....then a good bit .......then a scratchy bit.....but that's part of the fun. Nice seein you and the rest of the guys.
Nice write up mate, tells it without drama or frills. You could have mentioned that the rain was warm though.

harrington barathea

Wow ! Bad luck but good Luck. ............. I t would be sooo easy to get knocked out of the sky by a model plane. Glad you're safe mate that must have been very scary.



Surely you must be in the running for the "Rhosilli Frequent Flyer" award.


harrington barathea

No offence to Norris, but he must have felt quite "at-home" up Mt Cabrer (goat mountain) eh? Ha ha ha !
Love you really Norris.

Glad you're having fun guys !
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