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Flew at Cwmavon today. First flight longer than 30 secs on new glider, 90 mins in fact. It was nice conditions but tricky to get height initially. Sadly the sea breeze pushed up the Neath valley so those (NR, AH ,and SJ) who went over the back struggled and did 10-12kish. Although AH may well have a PB (prepare yourself for the post!).  I spent a lot of time between 2,500 and 3,300 feet asl so the views of Swansea Bay were superb.
Saturday 11 april, Rhossili.

Wind off to the S until 3pm then came on WSW. 2 flights totalling an hour, scratchy and slightly thermic, wind quite light when I left at 5pm a struggle to stay up. Pleased with the new (sigma 7) glider's performance in lighty scratchy conditions. Get home to see wind map showing 15mph Wly at Mumbles ( !!!!)
2 Jun Heol Senni

First XC on the Sigma 7, did 25k down to Clyne near Aderdulais. Pleased with the glider as I only had 2 climbs. Spent quite a lot of the flight looking up at Steve Jones's glider seemingly floating effortlessly above me  !!

Lurvly day out.

28 June Bryn Caws

flyable but not spectacular between 12.30 and 4 pm. Lots out.

In my defence re my grovelly XC at the close of play:

1. It looked very dark at takeoff and it looked like flying was over for the day (it was)
2. the clouds did look a lot better towards the N (the way I was drifting)
3. 1300ft ato was triple what I'd had previously today.
4. The flight to Ystradgynlais of 8.5 km is my second longest (only!) Xc of the season (I don't get out much !)

Big thanks to Nick for the retrieve, will leave keys on car next time.

8.5k more than the rest of us - well done & good to see you out on the hill.

Thanks John, it was good to out as always

8 August 2009,

went to Merthyr, very light to start then around 3.30pm it picked up. Climbed out with Nick and a.n.other, base = 4,200ft. Cloud very sucky, spent 2 mins in the white room despite big ears, only thing I saw was another glider briefly crossing approx 30 metres in front of me (bit scary, was a. n. other, Nick had sense to go on glide). After that lovely flight of nearly 2 hours, to land between Cwmbran and Abergavenny. Very little drift up high so had to be patient which I managed (for once!). superb views of Gwent and South Wales. distance = 24k straightline, 31.4k with the turnpoints (I did a bit of a dog leg at the end to land by the  main road). great lifts from hitching (4 of), got back to my car (on top) in 1 and 1/2 hours. Great day out. Good to see Rhun, Owen & Jon there as well. Chairman better go shoping in France, the game is on !!
Went to Heol Senni, lots there. Quite strong winds at time, particulary at height as forecast by Brecon Beacons forecast, thermals up to 3 m/s. Most of the day we had a blue hole over us. RASP showed 'green thermal' strength and that was probably about right (as usual RASP showed better air to the east !!). Got to 1200-1500 ft ato a few times. The thermals seemed to fizzle out at this height (wind shear perhaps ??). A jet chose to have a look at us (is that what NOTAMs lead to?). 3.30pm I lost patience after getting to 1400 ft ato and looked for the disappearing thermal downwind, due to the strong winds this meant I was going XC! No thermal to be found and I glided towards Fan G under a blue sky but found a thermal just before Fan G which took me from 1000 ft ato to 1900ft ato (about 3,600 ft asl) as I crossed the summit of Fan G. A nice cloud had f ormed above me as I climbed in this thermal but it dissipated just as quickly as it formed, seemed to be the story of the day, thermals with a short shelf life! No climb after this as I crossed the blue towards some clouds over Abercrave and I landed at Ynyswen for 12.2k (please enter for XC league).

All day my GPS seemed to be playing up, at times I had a ground speed of 307km/h !! Most of the times it didn't seem to be able to latch onto the satellites. Others flying had the same problem. A bit disconcerting not to know my ground speed most of the time as it was quite a windy day, although it did work occassionally to give me readings of as low as 5km/h into wind and 66km/h downwind from Fan G with half bar on. Funny how much I've come to rely on my GPS for XC. A good day none the less.

harrington barathea

Hi Chris ,
Just a thought on the gps problem. These military aircraft have electronic jambing equipment; It shouldn't be in active mode, but who knows ?
The consolation would be if it was in full "active " mode it would have blown all the components out of your device and curtains gps: So it certainly wasn't on full, perhaps on low volume ?
Just a thought!
Hi HB, yep the thought had crossed my mind, an attempt to destroy the NOTAM infringement evidence perhaps
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