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Full Version: Chris D's 2010 diary
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11 March,

3rd outing of the year, this time to Rhiw Wen. Got there around mid-day, where too light (decided this after watching Ben trying to launch whlst chatting in the car park !!). Around 2ish it seemed to have picked up a bit and the thermals could be felt coming through. Ivor and I had small flights then I managed a nicer one in which I managed to get 1,000 feet ato, pushed 2k along the ridge to the west but the wind there seemed to have an increasing amount of W in it, so headed back to take-off. Packed up around 3.30ish and drove away just as Ivor seemed to be getting some good lift. Judging from Paul H's diary the lift may have got a bit smoother/filled in a bit, perhaps the wind came more on again?

Air time this year = 1hr 55mins
Monday 2 August
Graig Fawr
Met Nick and Andy at noon. Took off first, a bit off to the N (it takes a NW) and quite strong. Landed after 15 mins as little height to be had , ate lunch, and then watched Nick and Andy launch, Nick got a climb pretty quickly so launched again and got a nice climb straight away. CB was approx 3,200 feet asl here. Nick was approx 4k down wind of me. Got low just before Clydach but got a second climb on the hill just before Clydach, not quite CB this time but glorious views of North Swansea and up the valley as I minced around at 3 grand. got low again (1,000 feet asl again) near Amazon but got a great climb off the industrial land near the western end of Aberavon beach. This took to me to 3,400 feet asl and the best views of the day of Swansea bay and the Gower as I edged off shore slightly (the wind was clearly on-shore lower down). when this climb topped out I went on a glide following the shore line (looking down on Steve Jone's work place)and then started to edge inland as the sea breeze looked like it was pushing in here more. Sadly couldn't get a final climb to take me to the edge of the airspace and landed near Pyle for 33.4 k with the turn points, 31.7k straight line. I think the sea breeze had pushed in even more than I thought, I should have headed NEly I suspect for the final climb. This is the 4th time I've landed near Pyle from Graig Fawr and have only once managed to go further. A great flight, 3 thermals, 10k a thermal (standard fare for Graig Fawr), my first XC of the year, only spoilt by the news Andy's van had been vandalised. Hours this year now 10 (paltry I know)  :|
Re monday's flight, here's the trace data from the Xc league (A great resource IMHO) let's see if it links Ok.
Nice one Chris - & the link works fine
XC player. Brilliant! Makes me want to go XC and put up with the hassle of getting back to the car and potentially missing a BBQ ;-)
22 August

Nant y Moel,

Arrived 11.30, wind too light to start but improved around 1ish. Got a climb to base at 3300 feet asl and drifted over the back with another glider. Ended up on the ridge behind Treorchy scratching for 40 mins. then joined by Sheryl and Mark Pearson and with their help got a climb out. Nice flight then and landed at Ebbw Vale. Don't think I've ever flown quite so patiently before. BIG thanks to Sheryl who came to pick me up with Mark and gave me a lift all the way back to my car. 30k flight, max height = 3,750 feet asl. Here's the trace    

Downloaded your igc file from the xc league site and opened it up in IGC Flight Replay.

Very interesting to see the flight in 3D.

Hopefully looking forward to going over the back sometime soon.


Just back from 2 week holiday in Algodonalles (Andalucia for those who don't know it). It wasn't just a flying holiday for me but still managed to fly 5 days. I'd say it was flyable for 10 of the 13 days I was there. Quite stable and the cold front passing thru' last weekend didn't change things much. Loads of sunshine. No real Xcs for anyone but lots of nice thermalling with vultures up close (up to 5 m/s and up to 5500ft asl, 2000 feet ato). Some days you had to parawait a bit because of the stability. Loads of Germans there, never seen it so busy. Approx 80 pilots each day looking to fly, all at the same site !! Gerry the German seems to own half of Algo's real estate now and looks to get groups down to fill it. Despite the stability I reckon I was very lucky with the weather. Big Grin