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Full Version: Hello from Colombia
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Hi all,

Flyable everyday here.  After, record rainfall  during the recent wet season, the countryside is drying out nicely.  We´ve just finished flying in the Colombian Paragliding Open( didn´t do too well myself but I've enjoyed some great flying nonetheless).  It has been a great competition with a combination of mountain and flatland flying.  The flying has been very demanding with great patience required in the flatlands.  The people here are all very friendly and landing out has been no problem.  For sure Colombia,  deserves to  become a regular winter destination for pilots - it's g..g..great!    ;D

Hope Steve gets some good flying in OZ
Hey nick, glad yout havin a fab time looking forward to seeing the pics
Hi guys

I've just come back from another super day's flying out here in Colombia.  The tenth flying  day in a row!  This week, I am working as a Wind Dummy for the Paragliding World Cup.  This means that I get to ride up to the Launch in one of the buses and then I have to take off before the competition window and demonstrate to the competitors how the flying conditions are.  Then,  when they takeoff, I move off out of the way and try and tag along behind.  I can't keep up with the competition wings for long but I still get a great flight and a lift back if I land on route.  Today, I deviated from the route to get around a blue hole and ended up flying on my own.  After 4 hours, I lost concentration through hunger and/or tiredness and landed by a town.  After a few hundred meters walk and some refreshment at a bar, I hopped onto a local bus for the return to Roldanillo.  I have to say ; for retrieval I think it is probably the easiest area that I have flown. 

The flying starts early  on the mountains(10:30) but after a few hours, a wind blows in over the mountains from the Pacific and you have to move  and fly out over the flat valley.  In the afternoon, with a cloudbase up to 8000'('5000 above the valley floor) the thermals are big and smooth 3 or 4m per sec  and there is little wind to create any problems with landing.  I hope I can muster the energy to last until the end of the week.  I'm going to the supermarket now to get some inflight snacks  to sustain me through more long flights to come!  ;D

Sounds amazing Nick
Hi all

The World Cup Competition has finished today after six flying days.  The best day was saved until last.  Today, the competitors flew a monster 109km  triangle task around the valley here.  The conditions were fantastic!  I flew for six hours and thirty minutes and a headwind put me on the deck a few km short of the goal - close but no cigar!  The flying out here really has been quite wonderful.  I think I have flown about 45hours over the last 14 days.  I will probably fly one more day tomorrow, then I am off to do a few days walking up in the mountains.
The weather is a bit hotter than I expected and the dry season has established itself.  ;D 8)

Iechyd Da
Hola Pilotos

After spending a few days walking and cycling in the Andean Highlands, I took an overnight bus north to Bucaramanga.  Here there is  aFlying Site Hostel at a launch point above the city.  Paradise!  -  Get up in the morning, have breakfast, lounge around for a while, launch around 11:00 and have a nice thermal flight.  The wind gets a tad strong by mid afternoon so land, have some lunch, do a bit of juggling or maybe just lie in a hammock until about 16:30 then launch again for a nice smooth evening flight and maybe a bit of wagga!  Lots of tandems flying here at the weekend.  Checkout and see the hostel right next to the launch.  I'm going to fly one more day here then start heading heading back towards Bogota.

Hi Nick
GREAT pictures on the Colombia Paragliding website!!
Now that's GOT to be the SHORTEST hop from rolling out of bed.......... to standing at take off - in the world!!! ;D
What an amazing hostel!!  Gron.
I'm going to do a talk with pictures at the March club meeting.  How's the projector looking Gron?  is it still servicable?
I've had a look at it. I bought some 5A fuses and fitted them inside the machine but it didn't do the trick. I'll try and have a nose around when I get time to have another go.