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Full Version: Toms flying outings
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05-03-11 Preseli East. 12 - 16 ENE

Arrived with Nick B for the long walk up to the esterly with what looked like a good breeze. On takeoff it was slightly gusty but otherwise ok so after helping Nick off with his tandem commenced my inspection of the Sigma 8, a very nice wing indeed. I wasnt dissapointed in the air either, very stable in pitch and more agile in roll than my S6, with  slightly higher break pressure. The most impressive thing was its conversion of speed to height, even when coming off the bar quite slowly. I want need one of them!

All in all a good outing, albeit cut slightly short by some encroaching ominous looking clouds.
06-03-11 Preseli East, 10 - 15 ESE
Arrived on TO to find teh wind cycling through, sometimes quite off to the south. Rigged and took off and was able to get some reasonable height gains, before landing again as the lift died. This was to be repeated throught out the day, until Nick persuaded me to have a go on his Yak. It is amazingly fast and not as twitchy as I expected, though I didnt really get much chance to explore its full capabilities before slowing it down to land on the other side of the bowl. All in all a fun day with good company. 
Exercise Triglav climb, Slovenia, 26-4-11 To 06-05-11.

Days 1 and 2 were blown out with a strong northerly.
Day 3 dawned looking uninspiring with low cloud and rain but after driving up to kobarid had cleared enough to allow 3 ttbs, stretching the last one out to 40 mins working some light lift over the town.
Day 4 started out looking good but forecast to overdevelop, which it did by 11:00. A long drive to another site on the edge of the flatlands provided 30 mins of gentle soaring before encroaching shadow shut the ridge down.

Today looks to be the best so far but deteriorating for the rest of the week.
Day 5 dawned clear but with a forecast for storms later we made haste to kobala. I launched and conndcted with a nice climb to base then headed off towards hill one where i got stuck for a bit untill some birds showed me the climb that took me over the pyramid comfortably. I was soon low and searching for another climb to get me out of a bowl and onwards to my goal of kobarid. Eventually i climbed out with awesome views of the higher mountains and glid on to connect with the stol ridge. By now conditions were getting strong and i surfed down to the stol takeoff with climbs off the scale of my vario. I turned and headed back to land at kobarid with the other pilots and within an hour it was raining. Best day so far with 2 hrs and a new pb of 32 km.

Day 6 was overcast and after launching from stol scratched along with 3 other gliders to kobarid where we jumped the valley gap to connect with a small pimple. Much scratching later one of the other gliders had gone down and we jumped another small gap to scratch along a wooded hillside. No more lift was found and we landed on a dry river bed.
Day 7 and after a short briefing on kobala takeoff we were advised to " go now not wait" by kladjiv our guide. Once in the air it was easy to gain enough height to make the jump to hill 1 in the direction of the pyramid. Another climb later and already the clouds were getting rather large and soon after passing the pyramid i was out in the valley on bar and big ears making haste to the kobala landing field. No sooner had we landed the overdevelopment killed itself and it began to brighten up, even so there was to be no more flying that day. 

Day 8 was blown out

Day 9 dawned with an epic forcast and the arrival of our gin skygod to guide us through a task. With a brief of italy or bust we launched from kobala making the stol ridge very quickly with the help of 5+ ms climbs. Here the condions were very rough with many taking big collapses but we pressed on to the border over an area of no landings before turning and running back to the tolmin landing for another pb of 57km and 2.5 hrs flying, just in time to get a lift back to t/o for an easy evening waft back to the kobarid landing for well earned beers and icecream. 
Congratulations on the 57k, Tom!
You've really thrown down the gauntlet to the gang of us going to Slovenia in late June!  It's a fantastic valley isn't it.  (By "Pyramid" - I assume you mean the conical hill sitting in the valley floor with a castle on top of it?) 
Thanks Gron, it really is an impressive place. The Pyramid is the highest peak of the ridge visible from kobala takeoff, with hill 2 and 1 stepping down towards takeoff. The hill you refer to we called the volcano.

For those that are interested, some of my tracklogs can be seen here

Joint Service Paragliding Champs 11-17 June

A disappointing forcast led to the comp briefing being delayed untill monday night, however we were able to get some free flying at Rossilli, great for throwing the new Sigma around finding out what it can do!
Tuesday dawned good with a site choice of Talybont, which on arriaval on top was getting strong. A 32km race to goal at Builth with a turnpoint to the east of Brecon was called. Soon a large gaggle was airbourne and searching for the climb to get away. I got away with 6 others and drifted over the back slowly climbing to base. As I approached brecon I had to crosswind alot to make the turn point but found a good climb back to base after taking it. I wafted there for a bit as I was now on my own hoping someone else would come up but they remained low and many went down. After a couple of climbs my drift was taking me in to the sennybridge danger area so I crosswinded again to where another glider was climbing. We then flew together to goal to join the other two already there.

With a poor forecast for the rest of the week flying was effectively canned, but more flying was had at rossilli on wednesday after the front passed through.

All in all a good week, with some silverware thrown in for good measure!
Nice one Tom, flight to goal cracking stuff, guess we should have gone there rather than Cwmavon.
23-07-11 New Preseli N 10-15  NW
A good sunny day with an informal open distance xc comp organised by Nick B saw a good num ber on the hill. Unfortunately conditions werent brilliant in the air , very scratchy with weak and broken thermals only going up to about 700ft ATO. Nick and one other got away low and got stuck on the antenna hill behind takeoff. Still a good day with some 2hrs flying.
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