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Full Version: Mike's 2011 flying
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Wondered what flying is like outside the the garden of eden that is South Wales? This is a site grandly called Mount Caburn near Lewis. Not quite up to Fan G standard at only 440', but that's what you get in the South Downs. It was a SW'rly 10-15mph initially, increasing to 20mph later on.

It's not often that I turn up at just the right time, but yesterday was one of those occasions. Although light at the bottom, by the time I got to the top, nearly everyone had taken off.  It was a low base and although initially quite busy, separation improved quickly so plenty of thermalling practice was had with gains to about 300' ato. After 15 mins or so a bank of wispy cloud came in, and coupled with the increasing wind that put an end to the day. My landing at least was vertical.
There's some vid on the link attached.
Twenty five minutes at Caburn
The climb to the top was worth it, and we had a lift half way up thanks to Viv, and Stu and Watsy in the van. Took off just after Steve J landed and listening to words of wisdom from Chris I leaded over to the left of take off where it was quite lifty. After about 10 minutes I managed to get a nice climb by pushing forward when I circled over the tree line. At about 2200' ato I drifted over the  back south of the windmills to find it had gone SW which made the Rhigos ridge a rather pointless goal. It was rather rough at that height also, so I opted instead for the rather massive quarry works East of Glynneath. One of the big holes gave gifted be about 400' of height but I then lost it right after a light aircraft flew some 400' beneath me to land at a small strip. I decided to scoot north then on a glide and landed close to Rhigos Rugby Club. 9.3Km of fun flying over in 51 minutes.

I I caught a bus from Rhigos to Glynneath and Chris saved me from paying £18 on a taxi back to Seven Sisters. Thanks mate!

Video and hopefully tracklog to follow when I get home on Monday. Roll on tomorrow.

Congratulations Mike!  Great flight!
Can I please ask where exactly was that light aircraft landing strip??  I'm trying to locate as many grass strips aroud South Wales as I can!
Fly high - Fly far!  Gron.
Nice one Mike ; your in the lead in the Easter XC!  Smile

That landing strip sounds to me like the Rhigos Gliding Club field.
My video may have the landing strip on it but it's quite a wide-angle lens. As for the egg it was a privilege to have been in the running for it, but Ill have to do a lot better than 9km to get a chocolate smile.
After scrabbling around at HS when the brief thermal cycles came through and then seeing a few get away, I have it one final go. I got some decent height at first, only to loose it, and decided to soar the north edge of HS whilst watching Watsy pack up. Just as I was debating joining him, a nice thermal came through which took me to 3000', and off I went down wind with some cracking views. It was pretty broken most of the way to FanG, but I stayed high and was rewarded with another climb. I saw Steve J off to the East and though Nick had probably made it to Pontardawe so bimbled over the high ground just East of Fan G. I got another climb where the forest starts to the north, and then crossed over to the West of the Brecon road, as the ground my side quickly dropped away. It didn't work work next to Craig y nos, and that ridge, so I went with it, eventually landing 14km out in a nice big field not far from the Murco garage.

Good luck with the weather tomorrow, and thanks for a great couple of days!

A video of the 1:05 minute flight is available here: HeolSunni14kmXc.avi
This is the first little xc I did on the Easter weekend. It was interesting to have the light aircraft beneath me at the end. You can just about see where it lands.  Live and learn though, I should have stayed on the upwind side of the open cast mine as that  gave me 300'


The Piedrahita valley was nice and smooth with 1.5-2.5m/s climbs and crossed the pass with ease at 2700m. The Ambles valley beyond was rough as badgers and the attached video shows two of my three collapses. The last being most violent as it came with some freefall and a couple of riser twists.

What I learnt from the vid was to keep the bloody opposite brake on if I get an asymmetric when in a thermal. If that fails, provide violent brake input to correct a violent surge. However the last point is a little academic as I'm not sure I could have reacted quick enough.

I ended up doing 47k, but one of my group did 87k and a French chap did over 150k I heard, but my heart wasn't in it after the last collapse.


Brings back memories of a few scary moments I had there a few years back.  :o  Couldn't quite catch what you were saying after the last (biggest) collapse, LOL.
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