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Full Version: Toms Flying outings.
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06-01-12 Newgale, W 15
Arrived at TO to find a nice constant breeze but a bit misty out to sea, set up and took off into goo lift and bimbled around the beach a bit getting used to my new Impress 3 which is really nice, then headed south down the cliffs jumping the gap at Nolton Haven and continueing to Druidston. Heading back was a bit trickier jumping the gap at nolton arriving at cliff top height on the other side but was soon boosted back up for an easy run back to TO. Unfortunately rain stopped play shortly after but still a good start to the year.
15-04-12 Fforest fields, NNE 15
With the BCC round on I arrived with the rest of the Joint Services team on a breezy TO and with the Cu's already popping an open distance task was called. Took off and soon climbed out with a good sized gaggle under the spreadout, eventually reaching base some 10k back in bitty and weak lift before the gaggle split west and east. A sinky glide saw us low near brecon but after scrabbling in zeros got a good climb back to base which threw some haily pellets at me as I scooted away towards Pen Y Fan. I then skirted the high ground heading west hoping for a climb before following the A470 but ended up stuck on a small ridge near storey arms when someone else came scooting in low over the high ground. Hung around for some 40 mins hoping for a climb but nothing came so landed for a fairly smooth retrieve. 39.6km, a good start to the season.
04-06-12 Blorenge, NNE 10 decreasing.
Arrived on TO for the BCC brief of open distance under a very grey sky, but with people already showing some lift coming through and RASP predicting the best time between 13:00 and 15:00.
Got in the air and soon found a weak climb out and drifted back slowly then glid over towards big pit where I got up to base from where I watched my companions bomb in the next valley. Eventually after bimbling about at base not really drifting I took a chance on a glide towards Bargoed where things impoved slightly with odd patches of sun coming through but I didnt stop me getting low near Merthyr but a weak climb got me back up towards some sea breeze clouds which didnt work as advertised and never formed a definate front, with CUs still popping behind. I was soon low again by Mountain Ash and tired after 3.5 hrs decided to land near the station for 38.2 km and and easy retrieve. Not a bad day considering the overcast.
10-08-12, Bryncaws, E 0-5
Arrived to find lots parawaiting on top so unpacked ready to go if somthing happened then had a catch up with people! Had a short hop after seeing some crows thermalling but was a bit too late and only found zeros and slope landed. Had another go when a bit of breeze came through and hooked in to a nice 2up all the way to base at 3.5k then pushed out towards some clouds over Resolven but found nothing so headed back with 1500ft to spare but ran in to sink then thankfully a slow climb back to base from where I was able to push over towards Cwmavon under a working street / spreadout then towards some wispies over the south corner on Neath. Unable to connect with anything I elected to head back towards the hill to try to close my impromptu triangle. Circled in zeros while drifting back to Cilfrew but was unable to get up and ended up landing on a Golf course about 2km from the hill as it was convenient and I didnt fancy the landings in Cilfrew or the walk back from there! Was quite surprised when I submitted the track that I'd managed 21km!