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26th Feb. Nant y Moel. Wind variable, increasing during the afternoon, then overcast and drizzle. A busy day for all. Launch before it gets too strong, there is a ragged circuit along the ridge, but not everyone is observing rules of the air. We all spread out and keep an eye on developing cumuli, then land for a cuppa. The wind is off when I relaunch, thanks to SW for his observations on my technique, and this time I gain height and edge across the gap, 2 guys land in big sink over there, I tickle back and scratch up the face until I am top of the stack, cloudbase is low today. I shadow our top goose for a while, and think we might go XC but his radio is on Nepalese frequency so no chat there. We share a thermal, his faster wing soon overtakes me. Landing is very buoyant, I bobble all over the field, missing others' kit! and eventually touchdown where I mean to. Nice to see PW, and SM doing tandems, and our club pilots. We pack up as the rain approaches. 4 nice flights, 2hrs 20 mins,  a perfect day for this years first fly.
25th March. Abernant. Arrive in light wind, 2 already up, by the time we set up it's good to go, we spread out and everyone gets off, some land out, others go XC, I cruise the hill at varying heights, nice lift and equally big sink, at height it's smoother but windier, the local kite hovers at my wingtip and leads me out over the dump which is much improved with landscaping, then back to launch for a cuppa. By the time I go again the wind has increased and groundhandling's a bit of a wrestling match, the air is bobbly and the minute I take off I regret it, and after a hairy wobble round seen by several club coaches I get down and stay there. 30 mins. 
1st April . Fan G.  Track much improved,  blue sky on arrival, nice cummuli forming as Pembrokshire Paragliding choose the side of the bowl by the track to launch students, I go from the resovoir side, glide round the bowl and catch some good lift as indicated by N.B. on tandem, a few passes back and forth then it goes light and I topland accurately.  The windsock comes in useful as the students lob off and bottom land, slope land and t.t.b. C.D. and Rhun flew, and J.M with family. Sweet. 15 mins.  The proverbial 4 o'clock restitution does it today.
6th April. Seven Sisters.  Up with the lark and first on the hill with PH and the winning teamster, an easy drive up and mercifully short walk to launch,  but it's light wind and increasingly overcast as predicted. Midday, I go as wind dummy when the socks stir, hotly pursued by the others, we spread out,  and as the wind increases we tickle along the treeline to the new mast, out over the valley, circle in anything that makes the vario bleep, try and avoid trees, a couple of times I sink so low I feel I must land, but manage to scratch up on a wing and a prayer, it's active flying all right, I feel safer at height, though the wind chill penetrates, the sky darkens and visibility reduces, it gets a bit too rock'n' roll for me and I land nicely on the soft dry grass. 1 hr 20 mins.  After that it's too strong to launch for me, but Nick finds a nice thermal and disappears over the horizon. The retrieve bunny arrives at Aberdare to find Rob  there as welcoming comittee, and we all go for a nice cuppa. Happy Easter.
15th April. Heol Senni. Too strong to top launch, we perch on the shelf and wait for the window. 3 go, then some others arrive and slot into the waiting room either side of me. I do my practice inflation, and a couple of false starts, eventually my neighbours push off out the way and I get the lull, amid warnings of "Don't get blown over the back" I stay out front and get the full albedo effect from the dry pale meadow. It's usually greener than this, must be the drought. I get across the road to the white house and make a nice little triangle, the downwind leg is a fast one, glad I'm up high, level with Pen-y-fan which has a dusting of snow. The clouds thicken and darken and the turbulence has me swinging around. The first 3 off have indeed been blown over the back, later claiming they were on XC. The sock switches around every time I look at it, and I land accurately if not elegantly, we rehydrate at the Ancient Briton before I head to the coast to retrieve Nick and Rhun. 45 mins.
16th April. Nant-y-Moel. Thanks to an early shout I arrive to see several up and follow suit with no delay, in a lull. Vic cautions against rotor as it picks up and within a few beats the vario is bleeping rapido like my heart, I push out over the valley and there is the albedo effect again, the pale field is like a hoover to cloudbase, as the ever growing cumuli gather like sheep, their shadows move and thermals release from the sunny earth, everyone gets massive height and cloudsuck from the biggest greyest areas. I aim for the blue hole into wind, and still climb, people in the village must be cooking their lunches. I am higher and further forward than ever before, but the grey bases make me nervous, I think of pulling the ears but it's quite turbulent and I feel a cravat is possible, I want the controls in my hands so use the speedbar, gently at first then all the way, back to the ridge in a crosswind pattern, directly downwind seems a bit too fast, on radio I hear the others are relieved to have landed safely, so I am the last one. It's not crowded so after some deliberation I land nicely in the bowl, only a short walk to the car. We all agree that it's got a bit strong and off to the south. Good to see our boys on the hill, worth going early, XC was a definite possibility, or a blow over the back even. 45 mins of rollicking fun.
24th April.  Rhosili.  A lift with Nick has us on the pimple in time to launch nicely before the wind direction goes off too far, and enjoy a smooth glide in sunny conditions, while inland it's cloudy and raining. I stay in front of the hill as it's a freshening breeze, and with joint services training on top and NB doing tandems I head for the campsite and practice climbing into wind to good effect, must remember to turn vario on before launch. At height the wind is more southerly, I feel a bit pinned so get down over the dunes to work back, cows and ponies are off the shelf and grazing the bank.  A couple of passes at the pimple, the wind is off now, so it's an elegant beach landing. After some cloudwatching we head for the pub to await Nick's return from an unexpected XC. 1hr 30 mins.
12th May. Seven Sisters. Meet SK and CD with dad in village, an easy drive up the newly improved track,  windsock in place, ground lush and springy after the rain. Thermals cooking up nicely, the earlier blue now dotted with white, I go for a short test fly in a lull and find it very turbulent, a frontal collapse above the road fluffs out with one pump on that side, lucky I'm nice and high, I try the valley out front and sink, drift back to launch and crab across the face until I get above the hill, a low 360 to ride a bullet takes me too far back and I toe the speedbar for a quick descent, this gets me a ticking off from CD, (another club coach, am I the only one who hasn't been on the course?) but I land ok, out of the zone in front. The cumuli have grown and darkened so I groundhandle amonst the knee-high tussocks til I get dumped in a puddle, CD grabs the wing as I get dragged, cloudwatch 4 hrs, in and out the harness, eventually waking up in time to realise I'm too cold to fly now, and we go to the pub and celebrate SK's XC and lucky retrieve. 20 mins.
16th May. Rhosili. Arrive lunchtime to catch the sun coming onto the hill, and wind on! I inflate and the wing lifts before I've turned, then I stumble and have a drag in front of Pembrokeshire Paragliding before Phil helps me collapse. I successfully launch and enjoy a few circuits of the ridge, dunes and beach before trying a pimple landing. It's bobbly and takes a while to line up for an approach that will not take me back into the field, then S off without going into wingovers. Joint services come down from the too windy top, everyone spreads out and enjoys the laminar breeze, some acro from the bolder guys, nice to see Jared on his new wing, a Gin, he didn't want to land.  3 flights and good pimple landings, interspersed with cups of tea, good height and great views of the estuary while doing 360's, no spiral dives for me, tho NB makes Dai squeal on his tandem. Jolly good fun. About 2 hrs airtime.
20th May. Heol Senni. Check RASP, XC weather and the shoutbox, it's a dull start, the Dan-y-rogof flags show promise as does the resovoir. Arrive late morning to see the early birds making short forays into the grey room. The horizon is invisible. Hardly enough breeze to hold the cells open, with occasional gusts as the sun breaks through. The wind direction varies as the clouds rise and we all launch, a couple of beats in front of the hill for me and topland in a lull. After lunch I leave the flask at launch as unwanted ballast and go again in improving conditions, a few beats and exploratory pass out into the valley and sink, land by the car. I climb back up the short steep route to find Sally and Tom have walked down and flask gone. Gnashing my teeth with gum to slake my thirst, I resolve to not leave anything behind again, and launch for 3rd time, join the circuit, sink past the slope-landers, the sun on the valley floor makes it buoyant, and accurately land by the car. It's too warm now to walk up again, but Jon soon lands with the flask, which has had more airtime than me today. 20 mins. Flags are limp on the way to the Ancient Briton, it's a still evening and hazy sunset.
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