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Full Version: CD's trips out
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HS 15.4
First proper flight of the year. RASP promised much, including some spreadout. Wind forecast to be NNE backing NW so an early start. Wattsy, Stu and Nick W went over the back @ 11.30ish. I took off around this time just after Nick R, Rhun and Jon Munro. From being a blue hole it rapidly clouded over and we didn't have much height for a while. After a brief bit of sleet it brightended up and Nick and Rhun left the hill in a thermal with me in another close behind. I topped out at 4,100 feet asl and as they weren't far away and higher than me I glided across to try and get in their thermal, bit of a mistake this as I couldn't find it (Nick told me they were in zeros by now). Went on a glide thought I'd found something a couple of times but ended up landing near Coelbren (well a  2k walk away). Then ate my lunch watching Rhun and Nick connect with the Rhigos, get high and disappear, lunch didn't taste so sweet .. :o
I won't steal their thunder and tell you where they got to other than to say well done both and congrats to Rhun on a new PB (he's smashed his old)
Thanks to Stu for the lift back,
From the XC Player map, that looks like one hell of a walk, Chris.
Nant y moel  16 april
RASP said it was going to be very good all other forecasts said too much cloud likely. Alas RASP not right. good turnout for a weekday, after a flying day. Cloudbase was about 3700 -4000feet asl. Wind was stronger than expected but OK. SJ and Ken Wilkinson from the Avon club went over the back first. A bit of sunshine then appeared and 'our lot' showed the way with some good height gains, esp Barry, Viv and Phil 'I've never been higher than 700 feet' Thomas who got close to a grand by my reckoning. I drifted over the back with this thermal and spied Wattsy flying back to the hill from behind, he looked low but seemed to get most of the way and land OK, slight clenched buttocks possibly :o . I topped out at around 3,800 feet asl and managed to eek things out to Aberdare sports field for just over 11k straight line. I was aiming for the far side of the Aberdare valley but got really drilled in the sink leading into the Aberdare valley. Got a taxi back which I shared with SJ who got trapped in the Maerdy valley @ around 9k. Back at the hill it was blown out at 2.30pm.

Llandewi Brefi 16 May.
Finally went to the right site for the day !  Thanks to Ben for the lift in the Brown Wanx m/c (sorry Ben I am really grateful and owe you some petrol money .
Steve Parsons and Dave Birch left the hill about 12ish. Myself, Ben, Wattsy and Barry then had a go along with Alex from the mid Wales club. It was scratchy at times and there was a bit of slope landing to be had. Wattsy got up and away first and I followed at around 1pm. Ben and Alex were in the thermal below me and I thought Ben was about to go XC as he was climbing well and must have had 2,000ft ato I'd guess. Lovely first climb into the cloud at just over 4 grand. A nice inviting cloud not faraway for the second climb, again into cloud. After that it got a bit tricky as the clouds weren't so good. I spent the next 20k or so at between 2500asl and 3500asl never really getting a convincing climb as I crossed the extensive boonies. Unfortunately Alex had gone down at about 11k which was a shame as some company could have been useful. Once clear of the boonies and on course to pass to the north of the Sennybridge range things were looking good. More ground clearance helped and I got some more convincing climbs around Builth. It felt like it had been a slow flight so far so once past Builth I decided to try and pick up the pace as the sky looked good downwind. Sadly this proved to be a mistake as I went from over 4 grand straight to the deck. I was pretty tired by then and that probably affected my decision making. Although it my best flight for a number of years I've slightly mixed feelings as I'd done the hard work and should have been more patient, esp as the drift had now improved. It was a great chance for me to do a PB. Well done to Wattsy for his new PB. I've spoken to Steve P and he's also done a PB (157k ). Apparently Dave B landed at about 15k. As always with this sport a mixed day. My score was 56k and can be seen in the club league.

Lack of experience on my part chris ....... I had no idea if I was high enough to get past the boonies and they looked like they went on forever. still a PB for me though, must have done at least 10K as I went over the back twice. What a great day!
Nant y moel 19 June
A quick write up this cos it's half time in the footie....
Funny how weather conditions can be so different in different areas. Got to NYM about 1.30. Good turnout from the club. got to base on the hill which was 4,000ft and went with it. Avoided a smallish blue hole after second climb but I'm not sure it would have been too bad as a guy on a blue Rush did Ok in that direction, he overtook me later on so I must have been flying a bit patiently. 4 thermals in total saw me high in front of Merthyr flying site. Not sure where to go as over Beacons looked very grey and possibly showery. I went on a glide which saw me land at Rhymney for 23k straight line.  It was a funny day in that the clouds seemed to be a bit large/OD at times and some of the climbs came away from them. Not had much luck in the past when I've got to Merthyr having gone over the back from NYM and this continued today.................  ROAR from my lounge, Rooney's scored, bugger. That's all for now.