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Paul Yorke 2017 (and first) flight blog. - Yorkie - 01-22-2017

Hi, just passed my CP so new and very keen.

Bryncaws. 21 Jan
After a very short flight and slope landing here last week, and a couple of false alarms and some parawatching in between - today looked really hopeful for my first real flight of 2017.

Got there late at about 2, to be greeted with 'the winds died down and some people had bottom landed but it may be worth a try'.  Ha! When you're new, too little wind is not a worry.  I've still got my TTB practice fit legs Smile

Anyway, I had my large old Vibe as well as my new M/L  Buzz Z4 with me so felt I had a
good shot at something.

By the time I was up top and  had a chat with a couple of people who were waiting & groundhandling there, the wind was picking up slightly and it looked more hopeful.  Got the Z4 out and set up and by then the wind had come on again and I had to wait for a lull to take off. TTB feeling very unlikely.

Nervous on my first flight with nobody holding my hand. Took off and went out and straight up. Tons of lift out there and I was glad I was on the smaller wing.  A few beats and I was already way up above TO and the trees. 

Definitely much more full on than my training flights. I don't think it was the wing though, just good wind with lots of extra bubbles of lift.  Exhilarating.  Is this what's described as active? Very please with the wing so far. Smile

The new wing had obviously been fed up of sitting in its bag for so long and decided it had some flying to make up for. Down or maintaining did not seem to be an option. Now how to get down?

Eventualy flying further out  front and lots of big ears  did the trick and after landing further along the ridge and defrosting my hands I had about 90 minutes of flying logged. Good start to 2017.

Looking forward to many more and meeting more of you guys Smile

Re: Paul Yorke 2017 (and first) flight blog. - Gron - 01-24-2017

Congratulations on your flight, and [/size]blog .............. keep 'em coming!
And, of course,  welcome to SWWSC! 

Re: Paul Yorke 2017 (and first year) flight blog. - Yorkie - 03-24-2017

22 March Rhossili

Arrived late in the afternoon to be greeted to 'it's been a great day but the winds gone and everybody has landed or bombed out.

Sounded familiar. Lol.

Walked up anyway and got the same message half way up.  Oh well. Early days for me so a forward launch and a precision landing will count towards my next stage.

Walked up to the top and a couple of people took off but very scratchy with one slope landing and one grabbing a bubble and top landing.

Wind was picking up slightly as I set up  Evan popped up from the pimple and top landed next to me making it look very easy - as always.  Smile

Off I went still expecting a prolonged TTB.  After a few beats of scratching and maintaining I started to think a longer flight may be possible.

Note to self. ALWAYS turn on your vario and put your gloves on. Even for a TTB.!

Managed to maintain and then  gain enough to head over to the second ridge which seemed to be working better - still not great but good practice and managed to get above the ridge quite a few times.

A few stayed up and a few bombed out so I must have been doing something ok . . .Or was . . .  more probably. . .  just lucky.

The low wind meant everybody wanted to hug the hill so that was a new experience with multiple rights of way etc.  Think it all went well. Apologies if I worried anybody. Smile

45 mins later I realised I was the last one flying. Nothing untoward to my inexperienced eye although it was getting choppy.

Knew I wouldn't make it to the top but thought the pimple might just be possible.

Nope . . .  Once off the ridge it was clearly only going to end one way.

Walk up to the pub. Beer. Sunset. Worms head. Happy Bunny.  Smile 

Re: Paul Yorke 2017 (and first) flight blog. - Yorkie - 04-15-2017


Rhiw Wen,  Nice after work flight. Only 20 mins from me so decided it was worth a look Smile

Looking forward to long summer evenings.

25 Mins of soaring and playing with the lift areas there. A few thermals (weak) but a good practice for tighter turns. Wind died off then .

Just a Beautiful evening.

Re: Paul Yorke 2017 (and first) flight blog. - Yorkie - 04-15-2017



Strange old day with wind not quite strong enough and slightly off.  Lots of people about and a few short flights going on.

My first flight at this site but the hedge looks intimidating and not enjoying not being able to see what's beyong Smile lol.

A couple of hedge skimmers from much more experienced flyers early on, but the wind picked up and off I went. Couple of cheers as I cleared the hedge and had half hour of scratching with a few nice thermals and a chance to chase a red kite that was teasing me. 

Went off the slope slightly to chase a thermal that was too light so it was off to the beach.  Had some company on the walk back up from very experienced flyers  . . .so not too upset at bombing out in those conditions. Big Grin

Fantastically sunny day and debrief in the pub Smile  Winner!

NB: on the west edge of the ridge / landing field there are some trees that have grown which caught a couple of people out. 

Re: Paul Yorke 2017 (and first) flight blog. - Yorkie - 04-15-2017


Feeling great to get so many flights in. Big Grin

Rhossili.  Got there late in the day. Most people had already had a good days flying and the wind was getting lighter so people were off home.

A few in the air and landing as I set up. Said that conditions were really great but they had to go. They told me to go for it and enjoy and waited while I got up and looked settled. (Thanks). Couple of HGs waiting. 

Had a brilliant flight with tons of speedbar practice and 360s galore. It was great having the whole site to myself Smile Big Grin Big Grin

Two HGs and a PG joined me later on so had a bit of company before the sun went behind a cloud and the chill set in. Stronger by now so off to the beach. Found out how much warmer it was down there so spent 20 mins playing along the dunes before I ran out of time and had to land.

Brilliant afternoon . .fun . . .learning .. .  no time for a pint, but still very happy Smile