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ABERNANT (E) - Steve Watkins - 11-11-2016


Google Map Link - https://goo.gl/maps/vRDDLXBTAM32

Turn north at the traffic lights in the centre of Pontardawe taking the A 474 towards Brynamman. After about 2km turn left opposite the Travellers Well pub and continue uphill for about 4km. At the crossroads turn right and after a few hundred metres park just before the road heads round the face of the hill.

Wind Direction

Height A.M.S.L.
1050 ft / 350m.

Landowner and site fees
No fee. The West Glamorgan Commoners have responsibility for this site, we do not have formal permission to fly here.  Be polite if you are approached by anybody.

Rules Hazards
Beware of the power cables and poles running along the face of the hill & close to the parking area. It is normally very rough low down. There is no official bottom landing field. Hence the reason that this site should not be flown by in-experienced pilots

Site comments
Good X.C. potential, liable to sea breeze