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Steve Watkins - 2017 AirBlogs

20.01.17 - Abernant -

A few weeks prior to Xmas I decided to go for it and replace my Aspen 3, which has been a loyal canopy, and after a lot of thinking, more thinking, comparisons, I opted for the BGD Cure.
It arrived very promptly and sat there waiting for today...

After checking SWWSC Telegram, Aaron Binks said he was going to Abernant which seemed a good call given the forecast.
On arrival ,Aaron was already there with Tom Garner and Paul Yorke joined us later although we advised him not fly (given his low airtime experience & wind conditions), he did do some ground handling as I was leaving Smile

At around 11am, the wind was on, off, all directions, even over the back at one point?!  :-\
I suggested we walk further up the hill towards the top and we were rewarded with wind on the hill constant, so we all launched off.

The BGD Cure is amazing, I said that about the Aspen3, but this is a beast waiting to be unleashed.
It's fast, smooth, easy to turn, responsive, lot's of feedback, and east to thermal with, yes there were some thermals out there today despite the temperature.

I did get a few tucks, but nothing more than what was expected as the wind was certainly not smooth, it was buoyant, quote rough at times.
Really good to have my first flight this year!

Airtime: ~90mins

21.1.17 - Bryncaws

Managed to drive to the top for a change! Loads of flying to be had!!
Total airtime time around 3 hours!  :o


5.2.17 - Rhossili

Another great day @ the premiere beach in the UK!
Airtime - 60 mins

1.4.17 - Rhossili

Headed down to meet Steve Bain on the way, thanks buddy for the trip down!
On arrival hill was in orographic cloud, walked up anyway as the wind seemed OK, and on arrival met hanglider pilots and paragliding pilots.
Steve Bain and I briefed everyone on the rues of the site and I also stated that if it became flyable and orographic re-appeared then we land ASAP.

Anyway, an opportunity arose and we all launched off, and soon after signs of orographic came and I radioed to say to people to land and stay out of cloud.
Landed back on the pimple and it soon rained!!
Headed back towards the cliffs on mu last flight as the wind had switched to Northerly but it was loght and few ears and I was kicking sand!

Awesome day out at the beach!
[size=1em]Around 40 mins airtime Smile [/size]

2.4.17 - Fan-G

Met everyone in the lay by, and thanks to Stuart (with Nick Bamber training) for the lift up the hill!

On arrival it was off to the North and getting lighter and eventually the wind dropped to hardly anything but the odd thermal coming through.
Really good to see lots out, Pembrokeshire Paragliding training, Alan Ross, Alan Jones, Jon Munro. Nick Roberts, Steve Bain,, Rhun Llwyd ,Steve Jones, David Stein, Tom Garner, Viv Biro Peter Lake & Nasher (Sorry if I have forgotten anyone!)

Eventually Peter Lake led the way launching off and gaining height in front, Nick Roberts was off, Steve Bain, Rhun and I launched.
I headed out and found the lift thermalling up and Peter & Nick headed out further. I headed back towards the hill caught another boomer (3.8m/s up) and got to cloud base.
I opted to then try a  mini triangle, so headed out then along towards Craig Y Nos, then back to Fan G, and yeah made it!

Opted to land at that point as thermal activity had fizzled out with shadow out in front of the hill.
Eventually again the sun came out but the wind had switched to South, I launched off and disappointingly couldn't maintain height soaring and headed back to the lay by to find a small crappy thermal and then landed.

Really good day and my mini triangle * 1.5 has given me my first XC of 2017 score of 11.5 and airtime of only about 30 minutes, max height 4764ft
Airtime : 30 mins

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