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Peter Lake's 2017 Flblog
Great blog, Peter ..... and of course, we're not jealous at all!!  :o :Smile
Fantastic photos of yours on SWWSC FB group - awesome clouds over those peaks!  Glad you kept away from some of that "overdevelopment"!!
31 August. Fan G.
Rhun and I rather optimistically headed to Fan G, despite the forecast for some showers in the day. After a pleasant walk up the track, we could see showers in the distance, with growing clouds over Fan Hir and a moderate W breeze on take-off.
Rhun took off first, and I soon followed, pushing out towards the clouds to the West. The occasional drop of rain kept me focused on net getting too close to the clouds. As I crossed over the road, I then realised too late that I lost too much height to get back to take-off, so a slope landing ensured with a sweaty walk half way back up the slope.
As I took off again, rain was approaching, so we both headed back to the cars, and got packed up before the edge of a shower tickled the cars.
Good to fly in Wales again after my continental adventures!
19 September 2017. Fan G
A lovely, albeit soggy, morning hike up the front of Fan G in the autumnal sunshine got me to take-off at 11am, just as the first hints of thermals were wafting up the W face and the birds were starting to play. The wind was light between thermals, with a cloud street building upwind.
My first flight was a brief 5 minutes, landing just below the top as the lift turned off. The 2nd was a more satisfying 40 minutes, never getting more than 400' ATO, until the shade once again turned off the lift, and I slope landed. As I was plodding back up the hill, the wind picked up again, so I launched into a solid thermal. This took me up 1000ft, and tempted me to leave the hill, with a promise of further climbs under the large grey cloud above me.
The next climb failed to materialise, so I set off towards Fan Llia, where I arrived below the top, and managed to scratch up to the summit, and despite a totally overcast sky, I gained enough height to flop over the top toward Fan Fawr. I repeated this ridge hopping until I was soaring the W face of Corn Du with another glider.
Heading away from the summit and crowds for a spot of lunch and a comfort break, I saw a sailplane climbing out front, and soon I connected with the thermal that pinged me up to cloudbase at 5000ft. After a short trip through the white room, I was heading on a buoyant glide towards Brecon and the sun drenched valley. From there, the good clouds were just out of reach, so I turned towards Mynydd Llangorse, just beyond the lake, but despite a couple of weak climbs, arrived just too low to soar the face.
The first car took me to Bwlch, where I took out my hitching sign. Nasher stopped on his bike, but alas his machine has no passenger seat. After a short wait, another lift to Brecon appeared, followed by a bus back to the car.
A decent 35km turnpoint flight - always a bonus to fly over Pen-y-Fan

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