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Steve J's flying diary 2019

4 Feb 2019. Seven Sister
An impromptu start to the 2019 season. Left home a.m. in fog to visit a friend in Abercrave. On my way home, knowing that the forecast was to improve, I called by at SS. Arrived at TO at around 2 pm to find the wind on the hill and 15 mph +. Took off and enjoyed 1hrs 30 mins of scenic flying in sunny, clear winter air. Great views of the snow-capped Fans and as far west as Y Frenni in the Preselau; its distinctive pyramid-shape easily recognizable from 60-miles distance. Thanks to the weak, but plentiful thermic activity (2 m/s), climbed to theĀ  dizzy altitude of 700' ato. Not as high as Mike T on his trip to Bo Peep a few weeks ago (great video Mike Smile ), but an added bonus to the day. Most of the time was spent boating around at the 300' ato mark.
Landed for a comfort break, then back up for part 2 , a flight of about 30 mins. As the sun got lower at <4pm> so did the air temperature; 3.c. Thankfully my heated-gloves saved the day; a great bit of kit which I use all the way through to May. With only a kestrel for company, had the place to myself. A great day and so nice to be able to see the under side of my wing again Smile Joyio.

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