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Steve J's flying diary 2019

4 Feb 2019. Seven Sister
An impromptu start to the 2019 season. Left home a.m. in fog to visit a friend in Abercrave. On my way home, knowing that the forecast was to improve, I called by at SS. Arrived at TO at around 2 pm to find the wind on the hill and 15 mph +. Took off and enjoyed 1hrs 30 mins of scenic flying in sunny, clear winter air. Great views of the snow-capped Fans and as far west as Y Frenni in the Preselau; its distinctive pyramid-shape easily recognizable from 60-miles distance. Thanks to the weak, but plentiful thermic activity (2 m/s), climbed to the  dizzy altitude of 700' ato. Not as high as Mike T on his trip to Bo Peep a few weeks ago (great video Mike Smile ), but an added bonus to the day. Most of the time was spent boating around at the 300' ato mark.
Landed for a comfort break, then back up for part 2 , a flight of about 30 mins. As the sun got lower at <4pm> so did the air temperature; 3.c. Thankfully my heated-gloves saved the day; a great bit of kit which I use all the way through to May. With only a kestrel for company, had the place to myself. A great day and so nice to be able to see the under side of my wing again Smile Joyio.

25 Mar 2019. Monday. Rhiw Wen

Called in on my way home from a walking trip in Towy Valley, at around 4pm. The wind had decreased and was on the hill, but lift was fairly inconsistent. Scratching most of the time, though I did reach the dizzy height of 200' ato at one point, lol. Tom G. probably did best, disappearing upwards and onwards in front of the hill in one of the last thermic bits of the day. Gary was also on the hill, but went down during a lul Sad By 5pm the wind had begun to shut-off completely. At 30 mins airtime, just about 'blog-able'

26 Mar 2019. Tuesday. Seven Sisters.

Arrived at TO just after midday to find Nick & Nasher setting up on a green oasis in the blackened and recently burned grass. Nick launched first and we witnessed him being hoovered up to the heavens; where he stayed for the next 2 hours ! John and I followed, but failed to connect up with the thermal and had to be contented with a lesser altitude. The air was buoyant, but at times the lift would shut-off completely, necessitating a top landing. Nick however managed to roam freely in all four directions and at some distance from the hill. By 3pm the cycles seemed to get less frequent, but stronger. Having had about an hour's flying each, longest flight 30 mins, we packed up and picked up Nick who had finally come back down to earth and landed by the forestry gate at the bottom of the track. A cup of tea all round at the local cafe finished off the day. Max altitude 1,000 ato. Thermals at about 3 m/s.
Sunday, at this point in time, could be a classic, post-frontal spring day ? Maybe we should get that  thrashing at Marros done early, lol  Smile

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