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Peter L's 2019 flights

My 2nd flying day of the year, and it felt like summer.
I ran up to Bryncaws from home (really hope the DVLA feel kind enough to give me my licence back soon!) to see a few familiar faces on the hill. The sky was blue, the breeze a little light, but bird were gently climbing out in front of the hill.
After a thorough pre-flight (I realize complacency had set in last year), and a few test inflation, I committed to launch. There were a few gentle themals coming through, and the birds were doing a great job of marking them. 2 top landings later, I took off for the 3rd flight, and found a decent (for February) climb and made it up to the dizzying height of 1900ft, 600ft above take-off. At this point, I judged I could fly back to Pontardawe, so set off on a glide. I arrived at the rugby field with over 500ft to spare, and gently floated down to the green grass.
An hour of thermal flying, and my first entry into the 2019 XC League. And home for lunch.  ;D

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