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Google Map Link -

Wind Direction: SSW - SSE

How to get there.
From Pendine follow the B4314 towards Amroth.
At St. Lawrence's Church, Marros follow the farm track to the silver half mesh gate on the right. Go through it up to Marros Lodge fields.

Landowner and site fees.
Landowner = The present owner (2006) is Mr. Nick Turner of Marros Lodge. Please note that the previous owner who resided at Talyvan Farm, only a few yards from Marros Lodge, no longer owns the TO field.
Fees payable to Mr. Turner, who must be informed prior to flying at the site:
£4 Whether you fly or not

Cars must be parked in the area marked 'car park' on site plan; to the rear of the launch field.
Be aware that there are horses in the field opposite Marros Lodge, which may be spooked by paragliders.
The hen houses in the area should also be given a wide berth.
Mr. Turner must be informed prior to flying at the site on 07732 764424 or 01267 233372. He is not always present at the farm.

A wire fence/hedge runs along the bottom of the TO field; be aware of possible rotor caused by the hedge.
Bottom land on the beach only as a last option as (a) it's tidal and (b) there is no public access up from the beach; most tracks in the vicinity of the beach are privately owned.
A string of telegraph wires runs down below the ridge to the east of TO.

Take off & Landing.
In the designated field marked 'T.O.' on site plan.
Site comments.
Good soaring with long ridge runs. Easy access and pretty views from Worms Head to Caldey Island.

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