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Mistress Palindrome blog
Rhossili Saturday 15th Sept. SW-W. 11-17 mph. 22-15 deg C.  Sea breeze at 3pm increasing throughout the day, thermals from beach increasing with rising tide, 1-2 mps. Height 1300ft asl.  Airtime 1 hr.
After several tries a reverse launch, only my second ever.  Never been so high for so long.  Strayed too near the edge, sharp loss of lift and a long walk back. Nice to see Stevie G, PH, Scotty, Nick and Chris in the Worm's Head. My best flight yet. 
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan
4th Oct, Rhossili, nice constant light breeze. Nick achieved summit first, as usual!  2 reverse launches from top, 1 beach landing (like a butterfly), 1 slope landing (oops missed the pimple).
5th Oct, Bryncaws, very light wind.  The sweetest launch site to date, smooth and clear, just a short walk to TO!  Nice spot to groundhandle at.  Alpine launch (rugby style) as it was so light, a short gentle top to bottom, landing in designated field near track for retrieve. Thanks Nick!
6th Oct, Moel Feity, a brisk breeze, 12-15? and gusty. Groundhandling, 3 reverse launches, 2 slope landings, (less of a walk back up) 1 bottom landing with greater accuracy than ever before! Clouds building, so off to Heol Senny.  Fierce gusts snatching us on top. 12-18 mph?  Reverse launch from top, a short glide towards the quarry, then dumped in compression zone behind the fence at rear of quarry. Call it a (unintentional) top landing.  A textbook reverse launch from the lower lip on slope, (less windy than on top) pity nobody saw it, a sweet couple of beats along the ridge with snatches of lift and sink for added excitement. Two club coaches present, so no worries, until I saw they had both landed!  It was overcast and getting cold by then, so thought I had better get down too. Another accurate landing near the car, and they wondered why I didn't stay up longer!  I was well advised by both throughout the day and felt confident in the most challenging conditions I've experienced to date. Thanks guys!
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan
21st Oct Bryncaws. 13-16mph. 13 C. Groundhandling, inflations. 3 reverse launches. 1 top landing, 2 slope landings.  Went too near the fences and gave myself a fright, then pushed out too far and sank out behind the trees.  Spot landing in the only place for hundreds of feet.  Barbed wire fence on either side of the new road, best not land there.  First time in this country we managed to drive to t/o!  Thanks to PH for the retrieve!
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan
2nd Nov Rhosili NW-W variable. Arrived a bit late in the day, there were 5 up already cruising the cliffs. Managed a reverse launch off the side of the pimple after dragging the wing through a fresh cowpat! The lift was breathtaking for a newbie like me, straight up this time.  Keen to join in with the big boys, I passed in front of the cliffs, but, mindful of getting dumped in compression zone previously, left too big a space, and so lost lift and had a perfect beach landing.  Takeoff and landing much improved, getting used to my equipment nicely. Soon be flying as well I hope! 5 minutes of fun is better than no fun at all.. Thanks to CD for advice and windsock retrieve! 
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan
3rd Nov Fan G. Very light and variable. First flight from this beautiful open site. Alpine launch, a few beats along the ridge, then a gentle glide to a nice slope landing between t/o and layby on road.  Knee deep tussocks and boggy terrain with hidden gullies and streams (and dead animals) on the slow walk down to the road.  What I gained in ease of takeoff I lost in lift. Will try and land nearer the gate next time, weather permitting!  Thanks Nick for advice, the radio helped! A good day, confidence building.
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan
18th Nov. Taucho, Adeje, Tenerife. 2,000ft asl. Light crosswind at t/o. 3 top to bottoms. Alpine launch. Lost radio contact. First blood in the cactus adjacent to landing area. 2nd and 3rd ok in designated area. 1 hr airtime.
19th Nov. Taucho. Wind variable. Alpine launch. Lift over main road to great height, precipitation, 360, speedbar used to get down, landed on track by pick up. 20 mins airtime. Unstable conditions. Groundhandling pm.
21st Nov. Fasnia. 800ft asl. Thermic cycles at t/o, rotor. 2 alpine launches off rough steep surface. Lift and sink experienced bigtime. Landed short in 3rd choice of site, nice touchdown in 1st site. A good day, if challenging!
22nd Nov. Taucho. 2 alpine launches in light wind. House thermal gave great climb, 360, speedbar, land in designated area. Failed launch in gusty cycle, minor abrasions.  45 mins airtime. Always wear protection!
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan
30th Dec 07 Rhossili. 15mph wind, bit gusty for me on top. Reverse launch from pimple, first time using a lightweight harness. Without the usual extra weight of the other harness I was whisked aloft like a dandelion seed! I must extend profuse apologies to anyone who was waiting to launch behind me, for hanging about in front of the pimple to gain height before moving off to soar the ridge.  I was unaware of this little bit of site etiquette, so thanks for pointing it out to me, Mr. Grumpy. Had a good hour in the air, generally getting used to the unfamiliar equipment and dodging a low flying hangglider. It feels like I am starting to fly for real now. Perfect touchdown on the beach, the best way to see out the year! Good to see the usual crowd, and meet some new flyers.  It's a small world.
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan

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