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Google Map Link -

Wind Direction[/b][/u]

Height A.M.S.

800ft / 250m.

Min Pilot Rating.


How to get there.
Follow the directions for Bryncaws. At the top of the track drive straight on until you reach the fence and park.

Landowner and site fees.
Landowner = John Slee of Banwen farm. Pay £2.00 for the use of the track and parking to Bryn Caws farm

Keep the track and gateways clear at all times.

Rocky to the left of take off.
Beware of fences.
Very boggy at the bottom of the hill.

Take off & Landing.
Walk between the scrambling course and the forest to the take off .
Top land behind the fence near the cars. It is also possible to top land in a clearing in the forestry.
It is possible to bottom land on the track at the bottom of the hill.
Site comments.
The site will sea breeze in very light winds so is best flown in moderate winds. XC possible.

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