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Andy H's flying diary

30/12/07 rhossili-ridge soaring-w/spd 15to20mph-2top lnds+1bot lnd-3hrs-11 wings in air-first ever free flight great day had to wait long enough for it   

01/01/08 cwmavon-ridge soaring?-w/spd 12to17mph-5slope lnds+1top lnd-alone at site-2hrs-wind was slightly off to east so struggled on upwind beats and therfore could only manage 3or4 beats before having to slope land.Was hoping that wind would turn more south as forecast predicted but not to be so can't really class this as flying hrs only experience, nobody missed a fantastic flying day at cwmavon today.

06/01/08 nant-y-m. wind already turned earlier than forecast, next ridge cwmavon-attempted numerous ridge soaring beats in low wind(7to12mph) managed three slope lnds and 2 top lnds(one of which was into the center of the largest gauze bush in south wales , and had to spend 1/2hr untangling my lines,what a lesson that was,then stevej showed me how to land in a gauze bush the experienced way lol),eventually the wind wanted to play and as i was taking a t/phone call from an old flying school colleague i observed stevej climbing above the tree line for the first time that day, and so proceeded to do the same on completion of my t/phone conversation,managed to climb to good alt. over trees for first time, felt very comfortable and in control,unfortunately i lost the lift i had been in and attempted to return back to lift ,could not and was forced into landing on the s.e. side of the ridge infront of the trees and landed like an apple.At 1:30 peggy(old flying school mate) and 3 of her pilot friends joined stevej and myself after being held up due to the 10k being run in cwmavon by which time the wind had turned s.e.and so it was decided to leave for bryncaws.On arrival stevej had already managed a flight just before the light rain and gusts put stop to any more flying for stevej and myself .All in all i managed 1to2 hrs flying a lot more experience, thoroughly enjoyed myself and the company of new ,old and not so old friends and can't wait for the next flyable day. 

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