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Re: Andy H's flying diary 2008

12/0/08 mynydd dinas with stevej,wind spd/direction 7-12mph westerly managed 1, 5 minute flight and slope landed .Waited for conditions to improve and wind turned and slowed to a 5- 10mph s/westerly with wind now square on both stevej and myself attempted a second flight hoping for an improvement but after another short flight we were both forced to bomb out and complete another ascent of the 60 degree ridge at mynydd dinas(nightmare but definately worth it).Decided to wait more time for better conditions and where finally rewarded after recovering from the climb with a 12-17mph wind from a southern direction and a magnificent 1hr flight above the M4 overlooking port talbot and the coastline and even managed to take a quick snap of my view and my feet using the speed bar,unfortunately though the wind speed picked up just ahead of the c.nimbs that were approaching which forced us both into bottom landings and cut short a new experience for me(flying above a built up area).Another excellent day for me as i also managed to check and adjust my riser distance (42cms) during flight after discovering that my risers were more like 55cms apart and noticed a distinct performance improvement with immediate effect.Must say thanks to stevej for coming along on days that are not really much of a challenge for him and sharing his knowledge with me top guy cheers mate.I've also ordered and am picking up a digifly vario(£154 reddragon paragliding)sometime this week.   

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