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Nick Roberts' Flying Diary 2008

Rhossili 17/10

XC weather said 7mph but the Worms Head weathercam said 2mph hmm... a bit light - but I went anyway!

Arrived at 15:30 and the sea was like a millpond.  Hardly suprising, there were no other club members to be seen but there were a few visiting pilots doing T to B's.  I went for a stroll out along the cliff first and then went up the hill for a chat.  Got to the top and low and behold - a flyable breeze materialised!
Scurried back to get the glider and lobbed off from the pimple at 17:10.  Not a speck of sunshine but suprisingly lifty - climbed to maybe 500' a.t.o. and cruised around for an hour in rather good conditions.
Upon landing, some rain came in so I packed up sharpish.  Walked down the hill grinning in the rain!
Such is flying!  :-)

04/11  Well Abernant worked!  The wind was a tad off to the north and we never got much above the hilltop but it was a lively boat-around in the lumpy bits of lift floating up from the landfill site.  The lifty bits were small and incoherent and even the Kites wern't doing full circles but it made for some active flying which is always good practice.  The Beacons looked clagged in but no drizzle came our way so we were in the right place.  Andy, Ivor and Gerry made a foursome.  A good fun day!  :-)


Arrived at Seven Sisters around midday with Viv.  The clouds were whipping over and the wind was whistling through the trees, big black clouds upwind too!  What to do - wait on takeoff for a while to see if the wind drops or try somewhere else?  We decided to try Fochriw as the wind seemed a bit WNW and it was a bit sunnier further east.  Arrived at 13:30  to see Dan Sidoli  winging around on a smaller than average wing(19m sq).  The wind was quite breezy on top but ok to launch a little lower down.  A few others soon arrived and I counted 10 gliders in the air( amongst them, a few of the usual SEW suspects -Norris, Stuart,Tim and Pete).

A nice bit of winter flying!  :-)


A short fly at Rhiw Wen today.  Met Nick Winder in the carpark at 11:30. It was and the wind at To was quite gusty.  Myself, John Nash,Nick, Viv and Gerry stood around for a while and were not encouraged to have a go as we had heard from Ivor who had been flying at Heol Senni earlier and had found conditions somewhat disagreeable!

Lo and behold Ivor then arrived and offered to test the conditions for us and demonstrated  his version of the PLF upon top landing!  I then launched and flew for a short while before landing at the bottom and agreeing that conditions were equally disagreeable!

By this time, what sun there was had dropped behind the hill and temperatures began to plummet.  Time to pack up before the onset of frostbite!

Fan G today.  The Cray reservoir shone like a mirror so we were not expecting much wind but on arrival at the top at 11:30 with Viv, Gerry and son Mitch, we found a flyable northerly breeze.  We were joined by Chris W and Stevie G with his tandem and a short while later Rob and Tina too.  At first , the air was nice and smooth and we flew around for a while enjoying great views but yeah it was pretty damn cold!

The breeze started to pick up and we could see oragraphic  cloud forming on the windward side of Pen y Fan and billowing over the top and a while later, cloud started to form at the back of the Fan G bowl too!
Then, wave cloud started to form over Pen Y Fan and conditions started to get a bit lumpy which was a bit disconcerting.  Time to fly down!  Always a nice glide to the bottom.

The track seems to have suffered a bit with all the rain this year.  It was easy enough in Gerry's wagon (until the radiator blew at the top of the track!) but I'd say it is impassable for an ordinary car at the moment.  :-)

Marros - Thought the wind was a bit light but heard that Stevie G, Scotty and Gerry were already there so made the trip out to take a look.  Driving down the lane to the site, Viv and me were pleasantly suprised to see Stevie G soaring away along the clifftop. 

We met Mr Turner and his son in the field and had a chat before getting our gear out.  It was our first time here and I marvelled at the wonderful scenery and first class take-off location.  Conditions were a bit light but I did manage to soar for a short while before the wind died away altogether.

Verdict - A very user-friendly site which should work really well with sufficient breeze.  Stunning scenery.  A quite straightforward drive from Swansea down to Carmarthen/St Clears/Pendine.  Friendly site owner!

Hats off to Steve J for re-negotiating use of this fine flying site!    :-D

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