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Ivor,s flyabout.

wed 12th november. Got up for early start this morn, but clouds were wipping through a bit, so left about 11.30 for hay bluff. met martin cray at carpark with his lovely birds, featherd ones, it still windy so watch & help mart tie  a camera to his peregrin. first time i,v held one, what a buzz. i then walk up top to find a nice 35/ 40 mph, luckerly i took my bothy with me. i snuggle in for a little para wait. Then i see a few pilots at bottom of slope getting ready to fly. i try to tell them of the strong winds up top, but one takes off & uses a couple of his lives up. but i dont think he'll agree with that" when he lands at bottom a shower comes through and  then wind drops enough to take off, and i have 3 nice flghts 45min 30min &40min, with 950ato. with 6 other pilots, incuding steve lowe who managed to hop over lords knob & back.we land at dusk. nice little flyabout.

Tuesday 18th november. Had a walk up the bluff this afternoon, 18mph on top N.wst. As im getting ready im buzed by three sail planes. and looking out front there's lots of showers up wind, mmm.thought they gave dry'ish day. i take off and get about 350 ato, dont want get higher,i'll be in cloud. i'v got a lovely view down below of a hunt taking place horses about 30 dogs & with all their blood crazed followers.and one horrible nasty terrible little fox. i thought they banned it. obviously they dont give a sh...t . Anyway i get rained on after 30min so land and bundle sigma in boot.

Tusday 25th november. I Planned a day on the Bluff today, i met up with Andy  we walked up top to find it strong, but we were optomistic it would drop, and sure thing it done what we wanted.about 3pm. It was off to the N.Est. we dropped just below the ridge to get out of the compression. and had some lovley winter soaring and later on land by cars in a fantastic sunset. Hour 20min. i'll just pop a photo in diaries, so that i dont h'v to eat my...words...N.

Last day of november, Did'nt expect to see the sun this morning after yesterdays fog, woke to a sunny day& NNest blow, headed for closest hill Senny. took off straight away and for about half hour it was ok, then wind started pick up and get bit gusty, so decide to land by car, easy'r said than done. i get a 40% so head down wind to land beside road half k back away from any rotor. have nice landing 40min flight. and rings nick who's on rew wen with nasher, jerry, viv, & nick winder, I dont think it be any worse down there so pack up & drive down for maybe another fly. As i get there they tell me the wind just easing & im still in my kit so give it a go...not plesant flying so 25mins later try to land on top, and just lose my footing on landing manage a full roll, but no harm done, Nick tries a flight and say's it crap to. frosty sunny day though.two photos on diary.

Monday 1st december. Had a suprise call first thing this morn from stevie g to go fly,  he fancied trying rhiw wen for the first time for him. and the sky looked a lot better than yesterday, so we met up in llangadog at 11.30. it very light when i took off with stevie & jerry, we had half hour and  i just managed to top land, stevie & jerry landed by the cars,  then after 5mins wind picked up, so took off to have it very lifty and prety smooth, had another 30min, and landed by car when i saw some lovely lenticular clouds, they freek me out. much better day than yest. NICE SHOUT stevie.!

saturday 6th december. Met andy at fan g about 11 a.m.and we decide to check heol senny, and we had some lovely soaring,  joined by ian with his weight wing. & then john nash. we later land at bottom, and just as i coming in to land john pope is walking up, so tell him not to bother, so andy, john p. & i go up Fan g, perhaps to do a TTB, but john brings a good bit of luck with him, and it fantastic up there.! We take off in centre of bowl and fly till dusk, and next time i do that   i'll take my shades off, i nearly messed the landing up because i could'nt see the ground ! I,ll have to ask Andy how long we had, my vario did'nt record it for some reason, ccouple of hours i think. & there a few shots in library of ian, jonh &andy.

sunday 7th december.Met up with steve j's wing man Andy to day for a the long walk up talabont s. wst side, and it lovely weather for the walk in. as we get to the base of the hill sherz lands in front of us from the other ridge, to follow us up.just as we are setting up my flying pals gareth & simon turn up but without their wings. Wind very light to start, andys' first fly from here. andy takes off first, i think he might he might bomb out, but he proved me wrong to stay i tentivley step off, and manage to find some lift right out front, get to 500 ato, to see A. had spotted me and gets in the lift band. Then i think the wind is off to the south est a bit so try over the valley to far ridge, thats my little mistake for i get there i notice the wind is off that side,& land half way down, so ball up to top for lunch. & watch jeramy, sherz,victor, and andy soaring well. I walk all way around the ridge back to s,west side, as i get there they are all landing down in the valley, and wind gone fully off to the west 20 plus mph, i realise why they all left me ! I try but it to gusty so go half way down to launch to save walking to far. i get back just as its getting dark. an hour flying, an hour& half walking. 

sunday 14th december.went to the bluff late this A.M. with andy , it looked as if there,d be no wind, but got up top, to a steady N.est..12,,15.mph. joined by quite a few pilots.After a few top landings i asked tim johns for short fly on his ozone addict, & it a realy lively  but nice piece of kit! Thanks Tim. andy spotted a spare sigma on the deck. & he's in the air on mine before you could blink.he did shout up & ask mind. Had a couple of hours fly about with some good ridge rules being used, including a couple of rookies with us.andy realy nackerd at the end of day, he getting on now' poor maybe somthing to do with doing 30 odd wing overs mind.or going to bed the same day as h's flying.! :lol:

wed.31st december. 2008. weather today was for s,est, but heading down to bryn caws it looks to much est,or even n.est. so try abernant, met andy on the way down, and when we get there it on the hill but light, we have a few flights top landing each time, untill some lovely restitution comes and get 600ato in for a nice 25min late fly to end the year.and just an hour to day.And a freezing hour on pandy on monday 29th with andy, and a few from avon club, one of them (reech) good with his video cam. got me on  his youtube. He's a right star.! crackers in a nice sort of way.

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