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Nick's Airtime '09

Rhossili 25/12/09

Looking at the forecasts on Xmas Eve, it did look as though there may be a short window of opportunity for an Xmas Day flight but it was a big maybe.  At first light, the bits of cloud coming over from the northwest didn't seem to be travelling all that quickly so "what the heck,  I'll put the wing in the boot and go down for a walk along the beach before the big lunch".  Getting out of the car in the carpark at 10:30, the wind seemed rather brisk but before the beach walk, I thought  "I'll just nip up to the pimple and see what it's like".  Arriving at takeoff, the wind seemed to be fine and Gerry was there setting up to launch - wow!  So it was back to the carpark in double quick time to get the glider.

I launched just after 11:00 into a nice soarable breeze and joined gerry who had already been flying for about 15 minutes.  It was a glorious morning and the air was silky smooth.  My first ever Christmas Day flight was really something to savour and we made the most of it as the wind gradually backed to the southwest.  We landed back on the pimple at about 11:45 just as the wind backed further to the south.

Merry Christmas everybody  ;D

Airtime '09 - 126hrs 50mins.  That's all for this year.

Best wishes to all for a great flying season in 2010.  Wink

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