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Nick's Airtime '09
Nice evening flight at Nant y Moel.  Always good to chat to the SEW crowd.  Good to see Viv soaring and top-landing.  Missed the XC action  though - had to wait in for the Gas man to come round and condemn my gas boiler - hey ho!  :mrgreen:
August 6th - Rhossili

A fine afternoon's flying with light conditions to begin with, becoming very lifty as the breeze picked up then into the evening it got a bit too strong.  Great to see  so many pilots in the air(too many to name!) and spectators on the ground.  The Fly West Wales team and the Joint Services were in full swing and  the Acro displays from Stevie G and Co were interesting and entertaining! 

Many thanks to Sarah and her colleague from the National Trust for coming up and trimming back the gorse in front of takeoff for us.

Pint  and a chat in the pub afterwards - Iechyd da!
Merthyr - The sky looked good on approach at 14:00 but then I saw the gliders lined up on the takeoff - no wind!

Then, after a bit pf chatting and parawaiting -  as if by magic, the wind switched on in dramatic fashion.  Not much lift for a while(except for the first pilot off who disappeared).  A short while later, some rather ratty thermals started to make their presence felt and we were on our way to cloudbase at 4000'.  Not wanting to join Chris and Andy the Pole in the white room,  I booted off towards the next cloud which seemed to work well and after a good glide, I made another transition but stopped to top up in a weak climb. It was then that I  noticed Chris passing below and then doubling back underneath and I thought he was going down and there wasn't much of athermal below so I headed off towards the next clouds and some likely looking ground sources beckoning in the sun.  Alas, despite some good indications, I sank to the deck on the common behind Abertysswg.  Then I looked to the southeast and spotted chris wafting along up high...........

So there I was by the side of the road thinking aah! how the heck do I get back from here.  Two generous lifts later followed by a lift back to the hill from Rhymney with Norris and I'm back at the car chatting with Andy the Pole and Norris, then it's time to go and look for Chris but on the way down, Chris passes me in Edy Geczy's Landrover -  result or what!  :lol:
11/08/09 - Lletty Siac

Sky looked quite good and with the wind expected to pick up at Rhossili,  I thought I'd join Steve J up at Lletty Siac - a site I haven't flown since ...ahem.. July 27th 2007! 

Arrived 14:30 to see Steve in the air.  The wind seemed a tad strong so I thought I wouldn't go over the back, instead just enjoy the change of scenery..maybe take some pics.  The scenery was fine but in the air, a gusty horribleness made its presence felt so I decided to land after a mere twenty minutes.  Safely on the ground, I watched Steve disappear downwind.

"A lovely day though" thought I after a leisurely pack up and walk back to the car where I discovered that I did not have my phone  :roll:  so I spent the next hour retracing my steps eventually finding the phone on the takeoff area.  Back at the car again, Steve appeared having luckily met Rhun who happened to be passing through the Neath valley so everything AOK.
13/08/09 - Rhossili

A beautiful day.  Arrived at 16:00 to find the breeze a little brisk but manageable on the pimple.  The liftband was enormous and amazing height gains were enjoyed by a good crowd of midweek fliers - Stevie G and Chris W, Paul H, Paul W, Viv, Cookie, the Fly West Wales Crew and their friends and a lone hanglider pilot.
Good to see Gron and Gareth P in the evening too.  The wind didn't ease in the evening though - it got stronger! so we retired to the pub at about 20:00 for a foaming pint of Worms |Head Ale mmmm!  :-)
17/08/09 - Rhossili

It seemed rather breezy as I drove down after work and I was expecting a beach launch but upon arrival, people were busy launching and landing on the Pimple and the air was full of midweek-fliers with some small fluffy clouds above - great stuff! .

Airtime '09 - 108hours
Some nice mellow flying at Heol Senni.  I'd almost forgotten what a sunny day was like!  A good midweek turnout and a few new faces.  I'd have liked to have been there a couple of hours earlier but 15:30 was a major effort(work got in the  way).  The wind seemed to have picked in the evening. Hope it's not too windy for tomorrow! 

Heol Senni
11/09/09 - Another glorious day but still a little breezy. For a while it was ok with some weak thermals coming through during the late afternoon but strangely it became rather rough into the evening.......

12/09/09 - A blue day and very light conditions but rather enjoyable nonetheless.

13/09/09 -  A sunny sunday and a good turnout on the hill - great to see Phil Neale back out on the hill!  it started off quietly with not much lift but after a while some sporadic cu came through and everyone was up enjoying some good thermals although cloudbase was only 3000' amsl.  By mid afternoon cloudbase was a dizzying 3500' amsl(enough to drift away from the hill methinks!).  I stayed with my cloud for as long as possible then made a dash to a cloud above Fan G but said cloud faded away upon arrival so I booted it through a sinky glide to the lower end of the mighty Fan Hir ridge and soared all the way up past Llyn y Fan Fach.  I flew around for a while soaking up the scenery but increasing cloud cover and increasing wind prompted me to leave while the going was good.  Cloudbase was still not  high enough to get clear away from the hills and after some mincing around, I was looking at a landing spot near the Ancient Briton.  A 3hour flight with 23km covered - hardly record breaking stuff but the best flight I've had since the middle of June!  :-D
Fan G -  Drove up with Nasher at around midday.  There was rather a lot of cloud and not much wind but upon arrival, the sky opened up nicely. However, there was a distinct lack of wind which made for a leisurely lunch and an extended period of parawaiting.  Pilots turned up in dribs and drabs and we had all stood around looking at the sky and talking parabollocks.  The hillside was bone dry thanks to our 12 day drought!

There was some light scratching around to be had after 16:00 and then lo and behold at about 17:00 : just when we thought it was all over - the wind suddenly switched on and triggered some nice thermals!  I made it to cloudbase at 4300' a.m.s.l. and did a small triangle rejoining the others out in front of the hill.  The lift was very smooth and we wafted around for a good while enjoying the stunning scenery as the sun went down.  Good to see Steve Bain and Simon,  Andy H and Steve J, Chris D, Owen and Rhun.    :-D

Left work in the drizzle and drove down in hope rather than expectation. Out on the Gower Peninsula - a different world emerged!  On approach to the village, I could see people flying and the sun was out !

I launched at 17:00 and joined Tina, Rob,Nasher and a visiting pilot from London.  The wind was quite light but there were some weak thermic bubbles coming through to give reasonable height gains.  We flew almost till sundown and then went for a pint in the Worms Head and watched the sunset .........Cheers!  8-)

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