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Nick's Airtime '09

Gave the club tandem an airing today.  Nice conditions for my three passengers although we could've done with a bit more sunshine.  The wind picked up from the northwest towards evening so on the last ride, I opted for a neat beach landing.
Good to see a few midweek fliers out also.  September could be  turning into the best month of the year in terms of flyable days!  :-D

Yet another flyable day at Rhossili!  Light'n lifty until late afternoon when the wind gradually picked up and veered through northwest to a breezy northerly.  Flew the hill for a while then a few of us went over and soared the cliffs which is always nice.  A good turnout as ever.  :-)

Airtime '09 - 121hrs
Fan G

Rather optimistically put suncream on this morning and drove up with Idris and Nasher.  Not a glimmer of sunlight anywhere!  However, there was a flyable breeze from the north so we went up and ate lunch waiting to see if the cloudbase would rise above 2500' amsl.  The cloudbase promptly came down almost to the hilltop but our attention was diverted towards a Mountain Rescue helicopter which landed on top of the hill near the trigpoint then took off again, flew away down the valley then reappeared from the southeast and landed back on top of the hill once more - it transpired that they were on a training exercise!

Anyway, joined by Viv and Steve, once the helicopter had cleared off, we launched into some quite lifty air and floated around for an hour or so at cloudbase a mere 300' or so above the hill.  The temp readout on my vario was 9.5 degrees and it certainly felt like it! but the breeze was spot on for soaring around out in front of the hill also  into the big bowl and along to the forest.
Stopped off at the Ancient Briton on the way home to warm up.  It'll soon be time to dust off the winter flying suit!  :-)
30/09/09 - Rhosilli

A 30 minute evening flight with a splendid Autumn sunset sharing the air with Gerry, Nasher, Jared and Viv test flying her new Gin Zulu.

04/10/09 - Rhossili

A sunny morning became overcast and the windalmost died to nothing leaving a lot of people sitting around but not to worry - "reliable Rhossili" came good by mid afternoon with even a little bit of sun!

Had a blast on Dave T's new Ozone Magnum tandem which showed it's speed and handling - very swish!.  Followed that with five flights on the club tandem including two training flights with Nasher.  Great to see so many pilots out on the hill - faces old and new.    :-D
Fan G - Forecast for very light winds this afternoon so I ambled up to Fan G with sarnies and a book.  Some half tidy cu had started to form but there wasn't a ripple on the reservoir.  I met Glynn from Llanspyddid(near Brecon) at the gate and we drove up as far as the second gate and walked the rest of the way.  On top, it was blowing 15mph southwesterly - where did that come from!

We launched at around 15:45 and conditions were quite nice with some weak thermic activity to play with.  After a while, I managed to hook into a weak line of lift and after some perseverance,  made it to within a smidgin of cloudbase at 3965' amsl.  The views were stunning.  Later, the wind veered to the west and we could comfortably glide back to the car to finish.  A lovely autumn day!    :-D
Fan G - A definite cloud drift from the northwest this morning so headed up to Fan G with Chris and Nasher to do some tandem training flights.  Arrived at the top to see Steve J and Andy H setting up and Dennis from Hereford who had already had a flight.  The breeze was good so we were confident of a good day but then...........the wind died away and did not return!  The mirror image on the reservoir said it all.  Even the Red Kites were flapping!

Chris and John flew a top to bottom on the tandem.  Steve and Dennis flew down too, leaving Andy and me to drive the vehicles down.

Better luck tomorrow perhaps    :mrgreen:
Heol Senni - Front passed through in the morning as per forecast.  The skies cleared and the blustery wind settled down nicely from 15:00 onwards to give good soaring conditions, the wind albeit a little off to the north.  Good tandem training for Chris and John and a good bit of flying for Viv, Ben and Ivor and even a late flight for me as the sun went down.

Beautiful sunset    :-)
thanks for your help today nick. And ivor, john and chris. What a fantastic site! I'll be back!
Heol Senni Another good day - rather blustery for a while but settled down nicely through the afternoon although the wind dropped to rather light at times.  Some good thermal flying was enjoyed by Ivor, Gareth D, Steve Parsons, Dave Birch and a visitor aboard a Niviuk Hook.  Nasher and Chris D did some more tandem flights and we managed to complete Chris's assessment before the wind died away(hope to get nasher through tomorrow!). 

getting colder in the air!    :-)

Nant y Moel - the wind did not come on as expected.  Some intermittent soaring was possible but it was a bit too scratchy and light for the tandem.  There were heaps of pilots on the hill doing  a bit of flying inbetween extended periods of parawaiting.  Whispers that people were flying at Merthyr at around 15:00 prompted an exodus, leaving more room in the air for those that remained.

Later on, couple flew out over the town and beyond for a good top to bottom so I followed suite on the tandem  with Phil N's daughter Rosie and we landed in the official bottom landing field - a lush grassy field at the roadside!  :-)

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