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SteveW Flying Diary 2009

20/3/09 - Bryncaws

A rare occasion for me a day off work so headed to Bryncaws with Ifor Jones. On arrival one wing in the air and a few wings lined up who turned out to be students from Joint Services and Edi Geczy.

Conditions were perfect really and once airborne enjoyed flying around in thermals. Max around 700ft ATO where hands were getting cold due to me forgetting my gloves! I've lost a good few kilos as well since last year and the wing is flying much better now and feels much better to control.

Managed two flights of 1hr 12mins and 37 mins before landing as I felt rather nauseous, probably the adrenalin and nerves kicking in. Could have flown for much longer though but Ifor and I headed back satisfied with getting some good airtime in.

Total airtime : 1hr 49mins

[smg id=576 type=preview align=left width=400 caption="BrynCaws from above"]
[smg id=577 type=preview align=left width=400 caption="Ifor Jones coming in to land"]

19/4/09 - Heol Senni - Arrived on top at about 5:00pm - Good to see Nick Roberts who had just reached 1000' ATO &ot met Stevie G for the first time and Rob and Tina, Paul Williams, Jeremy, and other pilots whom I didn't get chance to speak with.

Conditions were very light, the odd thermal coming through but eventually it died to nothing and afraid it was going to turn katabatic managed to reverse launch in what little breeze there was and had a top to bottom, very smooth I must admit and a great spot landing next to Nick Roberts Smile


9/8/09 - Nant-Y-Moel - Arrived about 4pm to find a few in the air and about 5- on the hill. Conditions coming on very constant 12-16mph. Launched into a massive thermal and climbed to about 450ato and enjoyed over 2 hours of good flying with 4 top landings.

Total airtime 2009 : 4hrs

14/8/09 - Talybont

Walked up the SW face with Gaz, hoping thermals would be working. We'd carefully studied the skies and it was difficult to judge. The clouds were coming SW but peopl were flying on Hay BLuff so to maximise our chances we headed for height.

Anyways, got to the top and the little wind that was there switched so we walked towards the NW face and were pleasantly rewarded with sorable conditions. Had about 25 mins soar before everything dropped and we were forced to land.

Had a huge walk out then, totally buggered this morning but worth the effort! Smile

Total airtime 2009 : 4hrs 25 mins

9/9/09 - Heol Senni

Arrived on the hill about 5pm - a few landing and a few a few hundred feet above the hill. Managed to attach my new Contour HD camera to my helmet so when I have time I will upload it to youtube. Smile Had 2.5 hours of lovely soaring which got smoother towards the end. Gaz and I flew until about 7:40pmĀ  - My goal today was to gain height which I did at just over 600ft ato. Perfect landing - pity I was so cold and needed a pee as I could have carried on flying Smile

Total airtime 2009 : 7hrs

Heol Senni


11/9/09 - Heol Senni

Took an early walk up as I'm off to Liverpool this afternoon for the weekend.
Arrived about 9:30am on hill, coming on about 11-12mph and off to the East but ok.

Launched and found best lift off edge of quarry, gained about 300ft ATO playing in new thermals.

Enjoyed the flying did about 3 top landings.

Joined by John Nash a little later Smile

Total airtime 2009 : 8hrs

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