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my first xc

arrived at merthyr at 12.30 thinking to myself hope i havnt missed anything !noris was already floating about in light lifty stuff ,he landed to have a sandwich.i unpacked whilst chatting with andyh ,feel that i said to andy oyeees was the reply in minutes almost every glider was in the sky thermaling i got to about 2400ft ato and found it far to cold go any higher <i must get some xc clothing >i pushed out from the hill and played at spiraling then landed .the phone rings its richy who went over the back to pontlottyn .i go and retrieve him .we get back to merthyr to very undesirable conditions 2hour wait for things to calm down .i keep suggesting we go to fochrew but richy says no go xc he says so i take off in a lull in no time I'm 800 / 900 ft i look down n richy is waving his arms in direction of fochrew i go the most incredible buzz Ive been XC.  spent an hour soaring and thermaling then some groundhandlingmmmm nice day out .

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