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Stevie G's Log Book 2010

2/1/10...Rhossili. NW. 17mph. 8c... Octane flx.. got to Rhossili to meet  up with the scumdogs to see young James marine allready  in the air... watching him take off I wasn't too eager to join him as it was a tad strong, but we went up... Dan S getting ready... he goes... and soars on his speedwing...mmm strong.. then cookie goes and joins James out front... soon we all get up shortly joined by others thru the day... it did not ease just got a little stronger now and then...sometimes white ponies on the sea and sometimes stallions ....some had to take off from the was that sort of needed your skill, they are all good pilots....I flew for an hr and got to nearly 1400ft above the beach, others got higher... for me it was cold... knees, ankles and face were numb....time to land....others flew for hours... a 5 hr flying window and a blue clear bueaty of a day with a good social in the worms afters....tidy

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yeah Steve it was a good day, but you are correct about the idiots there, I got carved up so many times I was feeling like a Christmas Turkey!! Was good to be in the air with mates though, and it was nice to see you and Cookie being so professional. Was good that so many went over the back too, it lessened the ratio of idiots /sq metre. I had a good day, see you soon mate.

The bird of time has but a little way to flutter..............and Lo, the bird is on the wing.

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