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Google Map Link -

Wind Direction
SW to WNW (220 to 290 deg).

Height A.M.S.L.
300 ft / 90m.

Pilot Rating.
Club Pilot

How to get there.
Head to Kidwelli on the A 484. Then follow signs to Ferryside along the coast road to a small village called Broadlay. Take the minor road west towards the farm house at the rear of the top landing area and park in the farmyard. Walk through the fields to T.O. Only approach the site from the farm.

Landowner and site fees.
Mr Jones, Pen Y Lan Farm. Pay the farmer £2 per pilot.


Take care not to damage any crops or disturb any livestock.

The site lies within the danger zone covered by Pembrey bombing range.

RAF Pembrey Sands HQ: Tele . 01554-892205
Firing times info:

No flying Mon to Fri 08:00 till 18:00 hrs GMT (Add one hour for BST)
Beware of wires on slope to S.E. of T.O.

Take off and landing.
Be sure that you can clear the hedge at the front of the take off field. This hedge can cause turbulence.

Top land in the take off field. (Wires near the farm buildings.)

Bottom landing is a tight squeeze when the tide is in. No problem with the tide out but land near the railway level crossing if possible, for an easier retrieve.

Site comments.
X.C. potential, 37 miles done! With the tide out and in a westerly wind the estuary becomes a thermal generator. The ridge works well even in light conditions.

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