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Stevie G's 2011 Log

2010 flew just over 200 honest hrs... a great year...

18/1/11...Fochrew...NW.. arrived at Fochrew 10.30ish... good to see swwsc meet SE club... it was light but soon picked up and was on the hill... it was flyable most of the day...sometimes a little too strong and sometimes too weak... good to see Barry and Wattsy flying as much as they could get in.... a little busy at times, bumpy here and there with some nice winter thermals to find...I flew my FreeForce and did 2 flights on the tandem.... 1.30hrs

I have some excellent products from Blauvent up for grabs,
made from Paragliding wings and quality print materials,
wonderful bags and sacs for the ladies...
Unisex Paragliding belts ...



Hi Stevie - sounds like you had a cracking time! Nice one Smile

Hey Stevie - sounds like a cracking place - glad you enjoyed Smile Smile

Catch U soon Stevie!!

Any Information on the £50 overpayment(easyjet?) for us Boys coming out?


"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Hope this helps with the easyjet luggage policy:

Sports equipment – how does it work?
Buying weight allowance for sporting goods gives you a 12kg extra weight allowance. You must be travelling with sports equipment (as listed in the booking process), although the exact weight distribution between items doesn’t matter.
For example:
  • One passenger travelling buys a bag and an additional sporting allowance. This gives an allowance of 2 items (which must include 1 sporting item), at a total weight of 32kg. However, if the sporting item is 18kg and the bag is 14kg then that’s fine with us!
  • Two passengers are travelling with one hold bag and two pieces of sports equipment. This gives an allowance of 3 items (which must include 2 sporting items), at a total weight of 44kg. The exact distribution of weight between baggage items doesn’t matter, subject to the maximum weights detailed above for health and safety reasons.

One very important thing to remember: if you’ve told us you’ll be bringing sports equipment, you must do so. In the example where one hold bag and one piece of sports equipment had been purchased, one of the two items must be genuine sporting goods!
To illustrate (in this example paraglders are replaced by skis):
[img alt=Baggage allowances width=220 height=127][/img]
This means that you should always book as a single person to get more wieght allowance!

Remember - It's only Flying!

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