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Viv's Blog

6th Nov. Heol Senni. It's a clear blue day, the quarry birds are staying close to home, we arrive in time for the hottest part of the day, the sun on a low track round the sky. After minimal groundhandling there is a gust to take me off the hill and enjoy 45 mins of boating about both high and low with 10 up until the cold penetrates the gloves and I land nicely for a cuppa, the grass hasn't dried today after the frost. The wing looks cleaner after a wipe in the dew. She's flopped over the banisters indoors at 18 degrees. Para-paradise! One little tuck over the quarry makes me squeal but a pump fluffs it out. I experiment with control handle levels. A most pleasant time had by all.

I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan

So far this year, 56 flights, 34 hrs airtime, tandems with a hang-glider (Dave Tregaskis), competition wing (Brett Janaway) and the new club wing (Nick Roberts).

I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan

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