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Wind direction

TO Height a.m.s.l.
800ft(lower), 1150ft(upper).  T.t.b. - 850ft 

How to get there
Approaching from the east, leave the M4 at J41(J42 when coming from the west) and turn onto the A48.  300m southeast of the roundabout at Baglan, take the left turning up the hill past the church.  Drive up the steep hill for 1km then take the lane that branches off to the right and leads up to the Bwlch(2km), taking the left turn at an unmarked junction on the way.  At the Bwlch(col) drive up the  rough track on the right and park next to the lower take-off field which will be on your right adjacent to the forest.

Landowner and site fee
Mr Eric Lewis of Tyle - Fedwen Farm is the owner of the lower take-off field and the fee is £2.00 per glider payable at the farmhouse.  There is no fee if you choose to walk up to the top of the hill and use the upper take-off area.

Please DO NOT park in front of, or  obstructing the Forestry Commission's access barrier even on week-ends as access  is also required for the small holding via the barrier.

Potential Hazards
Stay well clear of the masts on top.  Top landings can be rather turbulent in strong conditions due to the trees.  Beware of the barbed wire fence at the lower take-off.
The approach to the bottom landing field is obscured from take-off and there are power lines to avoid on the way down.  Slope landing below the lower take-off is best avoided - the bracken and brambles conceal rocks and bits of burnt-out cars.
Parking down alongside the Bwlch road is not recommended - vehicles have been broken into here whilst the pilots have been flying.

Take-off and landing
From the lower take-off field, the best way to gain altitude is to soar back and fore in front of the trees immediately on your left before gliding across towards the summit.  The bottom landing field is an elongated raised field next to a housing estate in Cwmafan.

Site Comments
Despite its proximity to the coast, this hill is an excellent thermal trigger and great flying conditions can be enjoyed when the wind is due-south.  However, it can also be rough and unpleasant if the wind is a little off  either way.  Not recommended for low - airtime  or "rusty" pilots.  Huge XC potential on the right day.

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